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August 24, 2023

Essential Guide to Split Screen on Android

Android split screen is a powerful multitasking feature that empowers users to simultaneously run and interact with two apps side by side on their Android devices. Introduced in Android 7.0 Nougat and available in later versions, this functionality has transformed the way users navigate and utilize their smartphones and tablets.

With the split screen feature, users can easily compare information from different apps, take notes while watching videos, respond to messages during presentations, and perform various tasks with enhanced efficiency. Thus, making Android split screen is a great help to everybody.

In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of using Android split screen, along with tips and tricks to make the most of this versatile feature. Let’s get started!

Essential Guide to Split Screen on Android

How to Split Screen for Multi Apps on Android

Split screen for Android enables users to run two apps side by side, enhancing productivity. To help you understand how to split screen in Android, let’s take this feature on the HONOR Magic Vs as an example to explain the steps:

Step 1: Compatibility Check

Ensure that your device is running on Android 7.0 Nougat or a later version, as the split screen feature is available from this OS version onwards. Android 13 split screen is available, which means that this feature exits on HONOR Magic Vs.

Step 2: Open the Apps You Want to Split

Launch the apps that you want to use in split screen mode. For instance, if you want to browse the web while having a conversation with a friend on a messaging app, you need to open the browser and messaging app.

Step 3: Access Recent Apps

To access the list of recent apps, tap on the “recent apps” button located at the bottom navigation bar. On the HONOR Magic Vs, this button is typically represented by a square icon.

Step 4: Activate Split Screen

In the recent apps view, locate the first app you opened (e.g., the web browser), and long-press its app icon until a menu appears. Choose "Open in split screen view" from the options.

Step 5: Select the Second App

After selecting "Open in split screen view", you'll be taken to a split screen interface with the first app occupying the top half of the display. Now, scroll through your recent apps to find and select the second app (e.g., the messaging app) that you want to run simultaneously.

Step 6: Enjoy Multi-Tasking

Once you've chosen the second app, it will automatically appear in the bottom half of the screen, and now you can use both apps simultaneously. This is an easy way to enjoy Android multi screen.

With these simple steps, you can take advantage of the split screen feature on your HONOR Vs, enhancing productivity and efficiency by effortlessly multitasking with multiple apps side by side.

How to Adjust Screen during Split Screen

Android's split screen feature allows users to multitask effectively by running two apps side by side. One of the key advantages of this feature is the ability to adjust the screen real estate for each app, providing a customized and comfortable user experience. Now, you can split screen on Android while focusing on more on one app or have both apps equally visible.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to adjust the screen during split screen after you have empowered split screen:

Drag the Divider: Once in split screen mode, you'll notice a divider separating the two apps. To adjust the screen, tap and hold the dash in the middle of the divided line and drag it up and down. This action changes the app windows, accordingly, allowing you to allocate more space to the app you want to prioritize.

Resize App Windows: On certain Android devices, you can further customize the app windows' sizes by dragging the edges of the apps. To do this, tap and hold the app's title bar, then drag it to your desired size.

Equalize the Split: If you prefer to have both apps occupy an equal portion of the screen, carefully adjust the divider to the middle until the apps are evenly sized.

How to Quit Android Split Screen Mode

Exiting the split screen mode is as simple as entering it. Here's how to do it:

Drag the Divider to the Top or Bottom: To quit the split screen mode, drag the divider between the two apps either to the top or bottom of the screen. The app you dragged the divider over will remain open, while the other one will close.

Use Recent Apps Button: Alternatively, tap the recent apps button (square or three vertical lines) and locate the app you want to exit from the split screen. Then, tap the app's icon or swipe it away to close it.


The split screen feature on Android, exemplified here by using HONOR Magic Vs, empowers users to optimize productivity through seamless multitasking. Now you know the easy way on how to split screen on Android.

Whether you want to respond to messages while watching videos, take notes during a presentation, or compare information from different sources, Android split screen is a valuable tool. Familiarizing yourself with its functionality ensures you can make the most of your Android device.

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What Android OS Version Is Needed for Split Screen?

Split screen functionality is available on Android devices running Android 7.0 Nougat or later versions. Ensure your device's OS meets this requirement to utilize the feature. For example, split screen is available on android 12 or 13.

Is There a Number Limit for Split Screen on Android?

The number of apps you can run simultaneously in split screen mode may vary depending on your device's specifications and Android version. However, most devices support running two apps at once in split screen.

Can You Run the Same App in Split Screen on Android?

No, running the same app simultaneously in split screen mode is not supported by Android by default, except in some cases where the app itself has a built-in dual app mode.

Can Android Split Screen Automatically?

Android auto split screen is not available without user input. The user needs to follow the steps mentioned above to activate the feature.

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