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September 12, 2023

Google Maps Not Working? Here's How to Get Back on Track!

Google Maps revolutionized the way we find our way around and explore the world. From finding the fastest route to discovering new places, it's become an indispensable app. Nonetheless, Google Maps is not immune to occasional malfunctions and bugs that can lead to feelings of frustration and confusion. In this blog post, we will delve into why Google Maps not working on your device and provide practical solutions to fix these problems.

Why Is Google Maps Not Working?

Google Maps not working on your device for several reasons. Let's examine some common causes. One reason could be a weak or insecure internet connection. Another factor to consider is whether there are any outages in your vicinity. Since Google Maps relies on real-time data, any server issues can disrupt the service. If you checked the above questions and the problem persists, it could be related to your device, cache memory, or the Google Maps application itself.

Understanding the reasons behind your Google Maps malfunction can help you identify the appropriate fix. Next, we will walk you through possible solutions to the Google Maps problem.

10 Practical Ways to Fix Google Maps Not Working Problems

Here are some tried-and-tested methods for getting back on track when facing trouble with Google Maps not working on Android:

1. Check The Status Of The Server

Before diving into any complex troubleshooting methods, start by checking if there are any known server issues affecting Google Maps. Visit the Google Maps Status Dashboard and look out for reported outages or disruptions.

If all services show a green tick inside a green circle signifying normal operation status, it's likely that the issue lies within your device. Read on to discover possible fixes.

2. Check Internet Connection on Your Phone

If there are no reported server issues affecting Google Maps' performance, you need to verify whether you have a stable internet connection through either Wi-Fi or mobile data. A slow or unstable internet connection can significantly impact the performance of Google Maps and hinder its functionality. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your internet connection is strong and reliable.

3. Restart Your Phone and Restart Google Maps App

In some instances, simply restarting both your phone and the problematic app can resolve any lingering issues causing disruption in navigating via Google Maps. To restart the app effectively:

1. Go to your phone’s settings,

2. Find "Apps" from the list of installed apps,

3. Locate "Google Maps",

4. Tap on "Force Stop"

After completing these steps, restart your phone and launch the app again. You may be pleasantly surprised when Google Maps starts working seamlessly once more!

4. Clear Google Maps App Cache

Over time, cached files in any application can become corrupted or outdated, resulting in malfunctioning behavior like freezing screens or unresponsive features. Clearing the cache of your Google Maps app might be just what it needs for smooth functioning again.

1. Head to your phone's settings.

2. Find "Apps" from the list of installed apps.

3. Locate "Google Maps".

4. Tap on "Storage".

5. Select "Clear Cache".

This process removes old stored data within Google Maps. So, next time you use Google Maps; fresh new information can be accessed quickly without Google Maps timeline not working issues.

5. Reinstall or Update Google Maps App

Updating or reinstalling Google Maps can often eliminate any underlying software issues causing it to malfunction. If none of the earlier steps prove successful, you may need to reinstall or update the Google Maps app. Follow these instructions:

1. Visit the Google Play Store.

2. Search for “Google Maps”.

3. Choose either 'update' or 'reinstall', depending on what is available.

6. Enable Location Accuracy on Google Maps

Accurate location data plays an integral role in ensuring smooth navigation with Google Maps. If there are any discrepancies in your phone's location or GPS data, it can disrupt the seamless functioning of Google Maps. Here's how you can augment location accuracy for Android devices:

1. Open the Settings app, then navigate to “Location.”

2. Inside "Maps," activate the “Use Precise Location” option. This grants permission for improved device-specific location data access.

7. Enable Background Data Consumption on Google Maps App

When the background data consumption is enabled, apps installed on your smartphone have the ability to download data for future usage and send you notifications even when they are not actively running. Hence, you need to ensure background data consumption is enabled specifically for usage by the Google Map application. To enable this feature, you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to your phone’s settings.

2. Find “Data usage”.

3. Verify that “Background data” is enabled for the Google Maps app.

This setting ensures that even when you're using other apps or when the screen is locked, Google Maps continues functioning seamlessly in tracking real-time navigation details.

Note: This may consume more data, so proceed if you have an adequate mobile plan.

8. Turn Off WiFi-only Mode on Google Maps App

To achieve optimal outcomes, it is recommended to turn off the WiFi-only mode on your Android device. This can resolve any inconveniences encountered when using Google Maps offline or outside connected networks. Refer to the disabling instructions to fix Google Map issues:

1. Open Google Maps on your device.

2. Click the profile icon in the top right corner. -From the pop-up window, open “Settings.”

3. Disable the Wi-Fi only mode.

You'll now be able to enjoy seamless navigation through Google Maps using both WiFi and mobile data networks.

9. Download Offline Maps

Even in remote areas with limited or no internet connectivity, you don't have to feel lost! By downloading offline Maps before heading out into uncharted territory, you can ensure that Google Maps remains functional throughout your journey. To download offline Google Maps on your phone, you need to follow:

1. Tap on the menu icon on the left.

2. Select "Offline Maps".

3. Follow instructions to download Maps specific to your destination.

10. Use HERE WeGo App on Your HONOR Phone

If the Google Maps app not working on HONOR N Series phone, it is advised for HONOR users to use HERE WeGo app as Google Maps alternative. The HERE WeGo app is available on the App Gallery for HONOR devices.

Originally launched in 2013, Here WeGo has been around for quite a while, achieving over 10 million installations on Google Play. The Here WeGo app seems to work perfectly on the HONOR N Series.

HONOR 90 – HONOR N Series


With these practical solutions at your disposal, you should be well-equipped for any future Google Maps not working issue. Regain control of this indispensable navigation tool and continue exploring without hindrances! Whether you are commuting to work, planning a road trip, or simply navigating unfamiliar areas, these solutions ensure that you won't be left stranded without a reliable navigational aid. So, embrace these strategies and be proactive in troubleshooting any Google Maps issues that may arise.


Why Does Google Maps Keep on Crashing?

Google Maps could crash due to various reasons such as low memory space or storage capacity issues within your device or software glitches in the app itself. By clearing cached data or reinstalling the app, you can often fix such problems.

Why Google Maps Don't Refresh My Location?

If your position isn't regularly updated within Google Maps while navigating, check for GPS signal interference or malfunctioning location settings on your device. Restarting or resetting those settings might improve performance.

Why Am I Constantly Losing My GPS Signal?

Constantly losing a GPS signal while using Google Maps may result from environmental factors like interference from other electronic devices, thick vegetation, or tall buildings that obstruct satellite signals. Attempt moving away from these obstructions or consider utilizing an external GPS receiver if possible.

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