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September 14, 2023

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphone to Laptop: Detailed Steps for Windows

Today, Bluetooth is a must-have function equipped on your laptop, in order to help you connect it with some portable devices such as keyboards, mouses, speakers, and so on. Among all of them, the most commonly used Bluetooth devices can be headphones. Some of you probably want to know how to connect Bluetooth headphone to laptop and enjoy listening to music wireless. Therefore, today’s article will guide you to do it through detailed steps.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphone to Laptop

Does Your Laptop Have Bluetooth?

With years of development, Bluetooth has become a mature technology that is integrated with most of the electronic devices. If you are using a laptop like HONOR Bluetooth laptops, you can usually find it enables you to connect external devices to it via Bluetooth, rather than using any cable.

But after all, not all laptops come with Bluetooth, especially some old laptop models. So, before you connect your Bluetooth headphone with the laptop, it's never too much to check if your device is equipped with the Bluetooth function in advance.

How to Check If Your Laptop Has Bluetooth

To see whether your laptop has Bluetooth or not, you just need to follow the methods below:

Search “Bluetooth” in Windows Start Menu: Type “Bluetooth” in the search box to find Bluetooth-related contents on your laptop, and it’s recommended to narrow your search from “All” to “Settings”. If you see “Bluetooth and other devices settings” in the search result, it confirms that your laptop has Bluetooth built in.

Check in Windows Device Manager: Also, you can open the Start Menu and search for “Device Manager”. If you are able to find Bluetooth from the list of devices, it can also tell you it’s a Bluetooth laptop.

How to Add Bluetooth Compatibility to Your Laptop

Now that you have confirmed whether your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth or not, you can go straight to pairing with your Bluetooth headphones if your laptop has Bluetooth built in, but what about laptops without Bluetooth?

Actually, even if your laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth, it’s still possible to add it manually to your device with the help of some hardware, like Bluetooth adapters and the mPCle network cards with aerials or USB dongles. Now, follow the steps below and learn how to add Bluetooth compatibility to the laptop correctly.

Step 1. If you have well prepared both the Bluetooth adapter with network card inserted in it, you can add it to your computer for booting it up.

Step 2. When the adapter has been detected successfully on your computer, you will also be asked to install a driver.

Step 3. (Optional) Now, download a suitable driver from the developer website to complete the installation.

Step 4. When the driver finishes installing, you just need to restart your computer and the Bluetooth function can be well set up on it for using now.

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How to Pair Bluetooth Headphone to Laptop

Now that your Bluetooth laptop is ready, it's time to follow the steps on how to turn on Bluetooth on laptop and use it to pair with your Bluetooth headphones.

Based on the different Windows systems you are using, you can follow different tutorials below and learn how to connect Bluetooth headphone to laptop for better enjoyment of music and video streaming.

Note: Although we are talking only about pairing Bluetooth headphone to laptop, if you want to add other Bluetooth devices to PC, the operations are usually similar, for example, connecting a Bluetooth speaker to laptop.

On Windows 11

Step 1. From the desktop of your Windows 11 computer, click the windows “Start” icon and then open “Settings”. You can also press “Win + I” to quickly open it too.

Step 2. Then choose “Devices” and also select the “Bluetooth & other devices” option. Here, you can turn on the “Bluetooth” function on your Windows 11 computer.

Step 3. Now also make sure you also put your headphones into the Bluetooth mode to make it discoverable by the computer. After this, click the “Add Bluetooth or other devices” on Windows 11 to prepare the connection.

Step 4. When you find your Bluetooth headphones can be detected and listed on the device list on your Windows 11 computer, select to pair with it immediately!

On Windows 10/8

Step 1. To begin the process, put your headphones into the Bluetooth mode and prepare to pair with Windows 10/8 computer.

Step 2. Now, go to “Settings” and select “Devices”. Click on “Bluetooth” to turn it on as well.

Step 3. When both devices are turning on the Bluetooth function, they can be detected by each other. Just find the detected headphones from the detected Bluetooth device list on your Windows 10/8 computer to pair them up immediately.

On Windows 7

Step 1. To turn on Bluetooth on Windows 7, you need to first open the control panel and then use the quick search function to find “Bluetooth” quickly.

Step 2. In the “Bluetooth” setting window, turn it on and also enable the following settings to make sure a successful connection with your Bluetooth headphones:

● Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer.

● Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer.

● Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect.

Step 3. When the Bluetooth function is turned on, click “Start” again and open “Control Panel”. From the menu, choose “Devices and Printers” to select “Add a device”.

Step 4. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones now to let the computer detect it. Once you find it appearing in the device list, just tap to connect computer with headphones.


Connecting Bluetooth headphones to laptop won’t be a difficult thing anymore when you follow the tutorial above to process it step-by-step. Except for headphones, using Bluetooth function helps you to enrich more ways to use your laptops by connecting with more devices such as speakers, mouses, keyboards, and so on.


Laptop Can't Find Bluetooth Headphones, How to Fix?

When you have enabled the Bluetooth function on both devices, but the laptop still fails to detect your Bluetooth headphones, you can try these common fixes to check and troubleshoot the problem from both sides:

For your Windows laptop:

● Check if you have disabled the airplane mode on your laptop, which can be found at Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane mode.

● Turn off Bluetooth at Start Menu > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. Wait for a few seconds, and then turn it on again.

For your Bluetooth headphones:

● Make sure your headphones are turned on with fresh batteries.

● Turn off your Bluetooth headphones for once and turn it on again after a few seconds. Remember to put your headphones in the pairing mode.

● Check whether your Bluetooth headphones are in range on the laptop you are trying to connect to, and the headphones cannot be too close to other Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Paired but Not Connected on Windows 10, How to Fix?

Similarly, when this issue happens, you need to consider which device causes the error first.

For Windows 10 issues, you can try the following ways to fix (some of them may be similar to the solutions in the former question):

● Disable and turn on Bluetooth mode again.

● Try to forget the connection and then pair it with your Bluetooth devices again.

● Update the Bluetooth device driver on your Windows 10 computer.

● Restart the device to try connecting again.

If you think that the problem happens because of your headphones, try these methods:

● Restart your headphones and reconnect with Windows 10 computer again.

● Charge the headphones to make sure that it has enough battery to run.

● Update the Bluetooth driver.

● Reset the Bluetooth pair mode again.

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Headphone to a Laptop?

If your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, it can usually connect two Bluetooth headphones at the same time. And you just need to follow the Bluetooth headphones pairing steps above to connect these two devices separately.

However, this doesn't mean that you can let the two headphones play audio at the same time. To realize that, things should be a bit more complicated.

One common method is to use a Bluetooth transmitter that supports dual audio output to make it work. Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your laptop with an audio cable or via Bluetooth, if supported.

Step 2. Put both of your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode.

Step 3. Pair each headset individually with the Bluetooth transmitter.

Step 4. Once both headphones are paired and connected to the transmitter, play audio on your laptop and it should stream to both headphones successfully.

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