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July 7, 2023

Why Is My Phone Screen Black - Practical Solutions

Have you ever experienced a black screen on your phone? It's a frustrating moment when the device that you rely on for communication, entertainment, and more suddenly stops working. Not only does it mean that you have to find a solution, but it can also be a sign of serious device issues that could be expensive to fix. So why did my phone screen go black? In this blog post, we'll discuss why your phone screen is black and how to fix it, no matter if you have an iPhone or Android device. So let's dive in and get started!

Why Is My Phone Screen Black

What Causes a Phone Screen to Go Black?

One of the most frustrating occurrences when using your phone is a black screen. This can range from a temporary issue to one that requires professional repair, and it's important to understand what causes a phone screen to go black in order to take the appropriate action. Here are some common causes:

1. Software issues: Sometimes, a software glitch can cause the iPhone screen to go black. This could happen due to a new iOS update, a particular app that is not working properly, or a virus.

2. Hardware damage: Physical damage to the iPhone hardware, such as a cracked screen or water damage, can also cause the screen to go black.

3. Battery problems: If the iPhone's battery is completely drained or damaged, it may not have enough power to display anything on the screen.

4. Overheating: If an iPhone gets too hot, it can cause the screen to go black as a safety measure.

5. Settings issue: Certain settings on the iPhone, such as Auto-Lock or Low Power Mode, could be the culprit.

How to Fix a Black Screen on a Phone?

Troubleshooting a black screen on phones can be also a tricky endeavor. Before treating the black-screened phone, you need to find out the reasons, which may include device issues and system errors.

Device Issues

Physical damage such as a cracked screen or loose wire connection can cause black screens. In this case, it is recommended to contact a technician for a thorough repair. Alternatively, you can invest in mobile devices like HONOR with Screen Damage Protection Service. This service provides a desired warranty that covers any hardware failures and offers free replacement parts for repairs that are needed due to accidental damage, including cracked screens and other issues. The HONOR X9a 5G, HONOR Magic5 Pro and HONOR Magic Vs all offer this service to ensure that your device is always in top working condition.

HONOR Phone Screen Protection

System Error

In addition to device issues, system software and setting errors may be also the reason why does your phone screen go black randomly. To solve these problems, please try the following methods:

Use Android Repair: An Android repair tool can be used to solve the problem. This kind of tool is designed to diagnose system errors and fix them with just a few clicks. It can also restore deleted files or data which may have been the cause of the error.

Force restart your phone: Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button (or Volume Up button, depending on the device) at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the phone restarts.

Charge your phone: If your phone battery is low or completely drained, it could cause a black screen. Plug in your phone and wait for a few minutes to see if the phone starts charging and the screen turns on.

Check for software updates: If your phone's operating system is outdated or has a software glitch, it could cause a black screen.

Boot into Safe mode: If a third-party app is causing the black screen, booting your phone into Safe mode could help identify the problem. Press and hold the Power button, then tap and hold the "Power off" option until you see the Safe mode prompt.

Factory reset: If none of the above steps resolve the black screen issue, you may need to perform a factory reset. Keep in mind that this will erase all data from your phone, so make sure to back up your important files first.

How to Avoid Android Phone Screen Turning Black Again?

To avoid the common issue of a black screen, it is important to regularly update your phone's software. Additionally, be mindful of how much power is left before using the device, and do not run too many applications in the background while it is charging. Moreover, taking frequent breaks from intensive use can also help protect the phone from overheating or battery drain which could lead to a black screen. Lastly, investing in HONOR devices with Screen Damage Protection Service can provide further protection for expensive repairs should physical damage occur unexpectedly.


As Android and iPhone become increasingly popular, the question “Why does my phone screen keep going black?” is being asked more and more. Thus, it is important to be aware of the various causes of a black screen on a phone and the ways to fix and prevent it. Moreover, when buying a new phone, consider those with screen damage protection services like HONOR Magic5 Lite, HONOR Magic5 Pro, and HONOR Magic Vs. This kind of service offers an extra layer of protection against expensive repairs caused by physical damage and can help you keep your device working optimally for longer.


How do you fix a phone when the screen is black?

Some useful methods may include checking the connection between the charger and cable, unplugging and replugging the cable, performing a force restart on your device, and doing a factory reset. If necessary, contact a technician or take advantage of any warranties or protection services.

What do I do if my phone screen is black and won't turn on?

If your phone screen is black and won't turn on, there are a few steps you can take to try to fix it.

●    Check if the device is fully charged - plug it in for a few minutes and see if that brings the display back.

●    Press and hold down the power button for several seconds to restart most phones.

If none of these steps work, then it could be due to hardware operating system issues which would require professional assistance.

What to do if my screen is black but still works?

If your phone screen is black but the phone is on, please try the following ways:

First, make sure that you are using the correct charger for your device.

Additionally, check for any loose connections or bent pins in the charging port. Or, try doing a soft reset on your device to shut down all apps currently running as well as refreshing the operating system.

If none of these steps have worked for you, then it may be time to take your device to a professional repair shop or contact your manufacturer's customer service team.

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