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November 28, 2022

Why is My Phone Charging Slowly? 7 Reasons You Should Know

If you have been using your phone for an extended amount of time and it doesn't seem to be charging as fast as it use to, you're not alone. A lot of people are having this problem, but there are some solutions. In this blog post, I will be telling you about the different reasons your phone might be charging slowly and what you can do to speed up the charging process. Keep reading for more information!

Why is My Phone Charging Slowly? 7 Reasons You Should Know

7 possible reasons why is my phone charging slowly

Charging the phone could be agonizing to some people, especially if they need it constantly, and it becomes more agonizing when they know that after 2 hours, their phones are only at 10% or 20%. There could be a lot of explanations for why this happens. So, take note of them because one of the 7 reasons below could be the culprit and answer to your question, "why is my phone charging slow?"

Improper plug-in

Faulty connections are the first thing that you should check if your phone's battery level is still low after charging it for hours. Why first? Because this is the simplest explanation and most common reason why your phone is changing slowly. After all, it is easy not to notice a power adapter that is not fully plugged into the socket or a cable that became loose in either the adapter port and phone port or both. Hence, reinserting it thoroughly should fix the problem.

Wrong Charger

This is closely related to the first one, but the main concern is the charger itself and not simply the "end" part. USB ports and smartphones of today are designed for fast charging; however, this fast charging will not happen if you are using an old charger or cable.


If the charger and cable are all right, then the problem could be in the port. And one common issue in phone ports and charging ports is dirt. Dirt can interfere with the contact and hence can slow down charging. So, just to be sure, always clean your phone's port with compressed air or a little brush.

Power Source

If the plug-in is not the problem, then it could be your power source. Most people try to charge their phones via their computer or laptop's USB port. In these instances, yes, the phone will charge, but it will naturally be slow as these ports are only secondary power sources. Remember that a laptop or computer is a "consumer," not a "generator" of power; hence when you are charging through them, they simply allot a minuscule amount of the incoming power to your phone. So, to solve this, try charging in a wall outlet.

Using it while charging

Most people are guilty of this, and this is one of the basic reasons why a phone charges slowly. Just think of it this way, if your phone is low on power and you use it while charging, you are basically spending the power that the phone is taking from the outlet. Given this, it takes more time for the phone to store energy. So, stopping using your phone while charging is a sure way to make it charge fast.

Apps in the background

This is almost like the preceding one; the only difference is that you are not using your phone actively. Despite that, charging can still be slow since certain apps run passively, and since they are running, they consume battery power. This could happen without your knowledge. Hence, it would be ideal for you to clean your background apps and your apps cache before plugging it in.

Wireless charger

Wireless charges are undoubtedly convenient, but they could also be the culprit because your phone charges slowly. New does not always mean better. Just take the Qi wireless charging standards as an example, it can sustain 7.5W, the number seems high, but in reality, most smartphones can handle 15-25W through a good old wall plug.

The ways to make the phone charge faster

Why is My Phone Charging Slowly? 7 Reasons You Should Know

If you find your phone slow to charge, there are some ways that you can try to make it charge faster. And some of these are the ones below

Use a charging pad. This device transfer energy slowly, but it can be a great solution if you are frequently facing a loose cable or dirt port. Moreover, most phones can last longer, so you can just charge them at night. One example of this is the HONOR X8 which has a long-lasting 5000mAh battery that can last for 32 hours of social media browsing, 20 hours of online video playback, or 26 hours of music playback.

Plug it into the wall. This is the opposite of the first one, but if your phone is the type that easily drains, you might want to plug it into the wall. This is the case because if you are using your phone throughout the day, a charging pad will be inconvenient.

Examine your apps. When you buy your phone, there are possibly pre-loaded applications that come with it. Some of these applications are unneeded, and they can run in the background hence consuming energy. To avoid this wasteful app-related energy consumption, examine your apps and delete the ones you never use. By this, you are not only making your phone charge faster but also making it last longer and have more space.

Upgrade your cable and adapter. Updating your cable and adapter to the latest technology will highly benefit you in the long run. Upgrades make sure that these things are compatible with your smartphone.


Slow charging could be an agonizing experience. But you do not need to pout if you have the question, "why is my phone charging slow?" because most of the time, one of the things above is the culprit. So, check for dirt, loose cable, background apps, and more because one of them could be the key to making your phone charge faster again.

FAQs about Why is My Phone Charging Slow

How long should the phone be charged?

Most modern smartphones are fully charged within 2 hours as a result of fast charging. But since 100% full is detrimental to your phone's health, you might want to charge it for less than that.

Why shouldn't the phone be charged more than 80%

100% charge may make you happy, but it just stresses out the Lithium-ion battery of your phone. And if it is stressed, your phone's life will be affected as phones have a limited number of charge cycles.

How do I clean my charging port?

Turn off your phone, and then using a toothpick, scrape and pull out any debris in the port. Do this slowly and under a bright light.

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