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November 2, 2022

The Art of Photography: Know how to Capture Masterpieces during Golden Hour with HONOR 70 5G

Upscale your Skill and Learn how to Perfectly Benefit from This Timing for Snapping Splendid Images
فن التصوير: اكتشف روعة التصوير خلال الساعة الذهبية مع هاتف HONOR 70 5G

What is Golden Hour?
Golden Hour or Magical Hour is the period of daytime before sunset or shortly after sunrise when the sun appears a little above the horizon and paints the entire sky orange. Photographers strive to seize this moment, as this is known to be one of the best times of the day for photography. It produces natural light that can be used perfectly for shooting and can simply turn any shot into a masterpiece. It can be challenging for some to grab the chance and get the desired results due to time limitation, but if you want to capture professional photographs, all you need is HONOR 70 5G, following some simple tips, and all is set.

Plan Ahead and Arrive Early
It is important to note that golden and blue hours only last for a limited period and vary in duration from season to other, so you need to take your time, plan your shooting session in advance, and explore the best places and angles. Also make sure you head to the site at least an hour before Golden hour starts, so you can capture the best photos and make the best use of this moment.

فن التصوير: اكتشف روعة التصوير خلال الساعة الذهبية مع هاتف HONOR 70 5G

It is All About Lightning
The significant key for capturing stunning and unique photos is lighting. Unlike other times of the day, the sun during Golden Hour is softer and creates charming effects and attractive reflections on the subject. Determining the direction of the light and placing the subject directly in front of the light source is one of the most important factors for capturing a great picture, so check shadows and take advantage of them to create dazzling lighting and capture the perfect shot.

فن التصوير: اكتشف روعة التصوير خلال الساعة الذهبية مع هاتف HONOR 70 5G

Discover a World of Wonders Through Different Shooting Modes
While some may find it satisfying to take pictures from one perspective, which is shooting using the wide-angle camera, creativity can be unleashed from different modes and angles. In addition to using the HONOR 70 5G’s 50MP Ultra-Wide, through which you can capture the whole scene, you can also take advantage of the 50MP Macro camera to capture fine details under the charming rays. Silhouette photography is one of the successful ways to get amazing and exceptional results. In this case, the sun's rays are behind the subject, and the subject will appear as if it were a shadow with sunlight in the background. Sunlight can also be used as a natural filter when shooting with a selfie camera, as it adds a glow to the face, making it lighter and charming. To achieve outstanding results, the HONOR 70 comes with a 32MP Super Clear Selfie Camera enabling you to capture effortless glowing selfies.

فن التصوير: اكتشف روعة التصوير خلال الساعة الذهبية مع هاتف HONOR 70 5G

Capture as Many Images as Possible
During this period the light changes at a rapid pace in front of your eyes, so your chance to take advantage of this period and take the largest number of shots is very limited. When Golden Hour starts, you must act fast, capture as many photos as possible and record that change to make the most of the light, and then edit the photos later. You can activate the burst mode in HONOR 70 5G by touching and holding on the camera while shooting, so you can snap a series of rapid-fire images without stopping, and then select the perfect shot.

Photo Editing
After having all the poses, you wanted to capture, you can make some adjustments through specialized editing applications. These tools open a world of possibilities and amplify photographs at Golden Hour. You can also use the phone's filters to get magical effects.

فن التصوير: اكتشف روعة التصوير خلال الساعة الذهبية مع هاتف HONOR 70 5G

The Sunset at its Best
After sunset, the “Blue Hour “comes, when the world appears bathed in a deep blue hue. The “Blue Hour” normally lasts for 20 or 30 minutes depending on your location, where the light levels begin to drop significantly. If you are using HONOR 70 5G, it will help you to capture stunning and bright snaps, thanks to SONY IMX800 sensor, which allows users to capture more light for clearer images in stunning detail.

In conclusion, you need to know that grabbing the chance to seize the moment and capture the perfect shot can be challenging, but it definitely worth trying until you can take the pictures of a lifetime.

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