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August 1, 2023

How to Transfer Your Apps to a New Android Phone

Are you in the process of switching to a new Android phone and want to ensure a smooth transition for your favorite apps?

Moving to a new device doesn't mean leaving behind all your app data and settings. You might want to find the easiest way on how to transfer apps on Android and iOS to new Android devices. If this is your problem, do not worry because we have got you covered.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of transferring your apps to a new Android phone effortlessly. Whether you prefer using built-in features like Device Clone on specific devices or leveraging backup and recovery solutions like Google One, we have it all. With these methods, you can seamlessly transfer your apps, along with their data and preferences, to your new Android phone. Read on to explore more!

How to Transfer Your Apps to a New Android Phone

Back Up Apps with Google One and Recover Them on Other Devices

To transfer your data from your old device to a new Android device, one of the simplest and most convenient ways to transfer your apps is by utilizing Google One's backup and recovery feature. Google One allows you to securely back up your app data, including settings, progress, and preferences, which is ideal for iOS or android transfer apps to new phone.

Here is what you should prepare before transferring using Google One:

• Prior to starting Charge the two gadgets.

• Verify that the old device can be unlocked using a PIN, pattern, or password.

• On the outdated device: Use your Google Account to log in.

• You can enter your email address to see if you have a Google Account.

• Create a Google Account if you don't already have one.

• A Wi-Fi connection or mobile network is essential for transferring your files, so make sure you have one.

Next, let’s dive into how to do it:

Back up your android phone automatically

• Open the Google One app on your Android smartphone.

• Tap Storage down at the bottom. Tap View after scrolling to "Backup".

Note: Tap Set up data backup if this is your first phone backup. View details if this is not your first phone backup.

• Tap Manage backup to view your backup settings. Select your backup configurations.

• Follow the onscreen instructions if you receive advice to install an app, update an app, or change your settings. After that, return to the Google One app to complete.

• Tap Allow permissions if prompted. Tap Back in the top left corner. It might take up to 24 hours to back up your Google One data.

• Once the backup is complete, set up your new Android phone.

• During the setup process, sign in with the same Google account used for the backup.

• Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your apps and their data from the Google One backup, so you will finish transferring apps android to android.

Back up and transfer in iOS devices

• Install the Google One app on your current device from the App Store.

• Sign in to the Google One app using your Google account credentials.

• Open the app and navigate to the "Backup" section.

• Enable app backup by toggling the switch next to each app you want to back up.

• Wait for the backup process to be completed.

• On your new Android device, install the Google One app and sign in with the same Google account.

• Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your apps from the Google One backup.

Use Built-in Clone Function like Device Clone of HONOR

Utilizing the built-in clone features offered by some smartphone manufacturers is another efficient way to transfer apps to new phone.

Let's examine the Device Clone feature, which is available on HONOR devices, using the HONOR 90 Lite as an illustration:

• Ensure that all your old and new HONOR devices are charged to the maximum capacity and linked to a dependable Wi-Fi network.

• Open the "Settings" app on your new HONOR device and choose "System & Updates."

• To connect the two devices, look for "Device Clone," tap on it, then adhere to the on-screen directions.

• Choose the apps you wish to transfer to your new phone after the connection has been made. Start the transfer procedure, then wait for it to be finished.

• Your apps and their data will be available for use on your new HONOR 90 Lite device once the transfer is complete.

HONOR 90 Lite Device Clone Function

The Device Clone feature on HONOR devices makes it easier to transfer apps, enabling a smooth switch to your new Android phone.


Transfer apps to new phone does not have to be a complex task. Whether you choose to back up your apps using Google One or utilize built-in clone functions like Device Clone on HONOR devices, both methods provide efficient ways to transfer your apps and their data. Select the method that suits your preferences and enjoy a smooth transition to your new Android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can All the App Data Be Transferred?

In most cases, yes. When using methods like Google One backup or Device Clone, most app data, including settings and preferences, can be transferred successfully. However, it's important to note that certain apps may store data in non-standard locations, making it more challenging to transfer. To ensure a smooth transfer, it is always recommended to back up your apps before initiating the transfer process.

Can App Transfers Succeed Every Time?

While app transfers using recommended methods have a high success rate, it's important to acknowledge that factors such as incompatible app versions, device limitations, or network issues may occasionally impact the transfer process. To increase the likelihood of a successful transfer, it is advisable to back up your apps before initiating the transfer and ensure both devices are fully updated.

Is It Free to Transfer App Data?

Using built-in functions like Device Clone on HONOR devices or Google One's backup and recovery feature is generally free of charge. However, if you choose to use third-party tools or services for app transfers, there may be associated costs. It's important to research and consider the pricing of any third-party tools before deciding to use them.

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