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August 18, 2023

How to Retrieve Deleted Emails: A Comprehensive Guide

In the digital age, emails have become an indispensable means of communication, both for personal and professional purposes. However, it is not uncommon to accidentally delete important emails, leading to moments of panic and frustration. Luckily, you can use this detailed tutorial to assist you in getting around the somewhat perplexing world of email recovery.

This easy-to-follow guide has you covered whether you use Gmail or Outlook, or have your emails stored locally on your PC. Even if the emails were deleted more than 30 days ago, we'll show you how to retrieve them. Now that you've taken a deep breath, let's explore the various ways how to retrieve deleted emails.

How to Retrieve Deleted Emails

How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Gmail

How to recover deleted emails on Gmail? If you've ever unintentionally deleted a crucial email in Gmail, it's possible to get those erased emails back, and it's simpler than you would imagine. Let’s take HONOR 90 as an example to show you how to retrieve deleted emails on Android phone.

Step 1: Open the Trash

On your HONOR 70, open the Gmail APP and tab the Trash folder on the left side of your Gmail interface. You might need to select "More" to make the Trash folder visible if you can't see it. After you push the delete button on an email, Gmail retains everything here for 30 days.

Step 2: Find the Deleted Email

You can scroll through the list of deleted emails while you're in the Trash folder to find the email you're looking for. Or use the search bar at the top of the page to look for an email in the Trash folder. Simply enter any keywords you can recall from the email, and Gmail will display any results that match in the Trash folder.

Step 3: Return the Email to Your Inbox

When you've located the deleted email you wish to recover, select it by checking the box to the left of it. Next, select the "Move to" button at the page's top. By doing so, a dropdown menu will appear from which you may choose the folder to which you want to move the email. To return the email to your inbox, select "Inbox".Your mailbox should now contain the deleted email in a secure manner.

This method should work when retrieving deleted emails from Gmail on Android within 30 days. If you accidentally delete an email that you need, be sure to retrieve it as quickly as you can because Gmail only keeps deleted emails in the Trash bin for 30 days.

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail After 30 Days

If more than 30 days have gone after you deleted an email from Gmail, there is still a chance that you can recover it using the Gmail Message Recovery Tool. This is the steps on how to retrieve deleted emails on Gmail after 30 days:

Step 1: Visit the Gmail Message Recovery Tool

For users who need to retrieve emails that have been permanently erased, Google offers the Gmail Message Recovery Tool. You must go to the Gmail Message Recovery page on Google's website to access this service.

Step 2: Submit a Request

You can make a request to recover your deleted emails using the form you will see once you land on the Gmail Message Recovery website. You'll need to supply some details, such as the Gmail account email address from which the deleted emails originated, a rough estimate of the date the emails were deleted, and any other details that would aid Google in finding the lost emails.

Step 3: Wait for Google's Response

All you can do after making your request is wait. After reviewing your request, Google will try to retrieve the deleted emails. Be patient as this process may take some time. Once Google has an update on your request, they will get in touch with you via email.

Remember that there is no assurance that deleted emails will be retrieved if you use the Gmail Message Recovery Tool. How recently the emails were deleted is one of several variables that affect how successful the recovery process is. However, if you've lost crucial emails, it's absolutely worth a shot.

How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Outlook

If you use Outlook on your computer or an Android device, there are ways to recover any important emails you may have lost. This is how:

Step 1: Access Your Deleted Items Folder

As soon as you log into Outlook, select the 'Deleted Items' folder from the list of email folders. Outlook stores all of your deleted emails here.

Step 2: Locate the Deleted Email

You can go through the 'Deleted Items' folder once you've arrived there to locate the email you want to retrieve.

Step 3: Recover the Email

If you locate the email you wish to recover, select "Move" and then "Inbox" from the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your screen. The email will be returned to your inbox as a result.

Step 4: Check Your Inbox

Check your inbox after you've finished these steps. Your recovered email ought to be there at this point.

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook After 30 Days

If emails from Outlook have been permanently deleted or removed from the "Deleted Items" or "Trash" folder after 30 days, the recovery steps may be different. Check the steps below:

Step 1: Open Outlook and Go to "Deleted Items”

Launch the Microsoft Outlook application on your device. Locate and click on the "Deleted Items" folder on the left-hand side panel.

Step 2: Access "Recoverable Items"

Within the "Deleted Items" folder, look for the "Recover items deleted from this folder" link, positioned above the list of deleted emails. Click on the "Recover items deleted from this folder" link to access the "Recoverable Items" folder.

Step 3: Select and Restore Emails to Restore

In the "Recoverable Items" folder, you have the option to recover all items or choose specific emails for restoration. To recover all, tick the checkbox next to "Recoverable Items." To select specific emails, click on the individual items or use the radio button next to each email. After selecting the desired emails, click on the "Restore" button to initiate the recovery process.

Step 4: Verify Restoration

After the restoration process, double-check the respective folders to ensure that the deleted emails are successfully recovered.

Use a Software to Restore Email Database Files from a PC

Let's explore the realm of software programs that can assist you in finding those deleted emails. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one such program. When it comes to recovering deleted emails from your local PC, this software is a shining knight.

EaseUS to the Rescue

Even after 30 days have passed, you can recover deleted emails with the help of the robust EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

This software can assist you in recovering data lost due to unintentional deletion, hard drive corruption, virus attacks, system crashes, and even OS re-installation or upgrades. It is not simply restricted to email recovery.

Note: On a local PC, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard only supports recovering Outlook emails. If you need assistance, you should get in touch with the customer care department of Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail.

How to Use EaseUS to Recover Deleted Emails

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to recover deleted emails with EaseUS:

1. Click "Scan" after selecting the drive or partition where you lost your email files.

2. The scanning procedure will start right away in the software. Be patient and wait till the scanning is finished. Click "Others" on the left panel to easily find the email files. Then, search the file type list for PST or Outlook files.

3. Click "Recover" after selecting the email files that you want. Instead of using the original location, save the files somewhere else.

The EaseUS data recovery program supports email recovery as well as formatted recovery, deleted file recovery, Recycle Bin data recovery, lost partition recovery, OS crash recovery, RAW disk recovery, and other data recovery options.

Therefore, keep in mind that software like EaseUS can save you the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation involving erased emails. It's wise to have a backup strategy, and EaseUS has a fantastic one.

HONOR 90 5G phone


Emails play a critical role in both our personal and professional life in the digital age. It can feel disastrous if you accidentally delete a crucial email.

However, you have a variety of alternatives to recover your lost emails, ranging from utilizing the built-in recovery functions in Gmail and Outlook to adopting potent software like EaseUS.

Keep in mind, the key to avoiding such mishaps in the future is regular backups. Stay organized, stay backed up, and you'll never have to worry about lost emails again.

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