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September 14, 2023

How to Add Photos to Hidden Folders: A Comprehensive Tutorial

We all have those photos on our Android phones that we'd rather keep hidden from prying eyes. Whether it's personal or sensitive information, or simply pictures we don't want cluttering up our gallery app, knowing how to add photos to hidden can save us from potential embarrassment or loss of privacy.

If you have some photos on your Android phone that you'd rather keep away from prying eyes, then you may find yourself wondering how to add them to the hidden folder. In this blog post, we will explore two methods for achieving this - using file manager apps and gallery apps.

How to Add Photos to Hidden Folders

How to Add Photos to Hidden on Android

Hiding photos on your Android device can offer an extra layer of privacy and organization. The "Hidden" folder feature allows you to discreetly tuck away sensitive or personal images. In this section, we'll explore two methods to achieve this: using file manager apps and using the Gallery app

Using File Manager Apps

If you prefer a more direct approach to adding photos to the hidden folder on your Android device, using a file manager app can be a great option. Let's take HONOR 90 as an example to see how to add photos to hidden album:

Step 1: Go to the Folders in the Gallery

Open the gallery app on your HONOR 90 and navigate to the folder containing the photos you want to hide.

Step 2: Select and Hide Photos

To hide specific photos, press and hold them for a few seconds until a selection indicator appears.

Step 3: Access the Hide Option

In the bottom-right corner, you'll notice a "More" option. Tap on it.

From the menu that appears, choose the "Hide" option. This will initiate the process of moving the selected photos to the hidden album.

Step 4: Find Hidden Photos

To locate your hidden photos later, open the gallery app.

Tap on the horizontal three-dotted buttons usually located in the top-right corner.

From the drop-down menu, select "Hidden items." This action will reveal the hidden album, and your protected photos will be stored there.

Congratulations! Your selected photos have successfully found a secure hiding spot within this vault-like hidden folder. It's important to note that these pictures won't show up in your regular gallery app anymore unless you revisit and enable an option to display hidden files through your file manager settings.

HONOR 90 colors

Using the Gallery Apps

Another approach for hiding photos on Android phones involves employing the archive function in other Gallery Apps. Acting as your online backup, organization hub, and image editing companion, this versatile tool also provides an option to conceal selected images from your main library. Below is a guide on how to add photos to the hidden album by using Google Photos

Step 1: Locate and open Google Photos

Ensure you have downloaded the Google Photos app onto your Android device before proceeding. If it isn't already available among your apps, visit the trusted Google Play Store where you can acquire this versatile photo management tool.

Step 2: Select target photos for archiving

Within the app interface itself – now easily accessible through either tapping on its icon or searching among installed applications – navigate until all targeted pictures are visible to you. Once located, tap on individual photographs or use gestures such as long-pressing followed by sliding gestures across multiple visuals until each desired picture is highlighted.

Step 3: Access menu options

To move forward with adding these chosen items into a permanent archive, single-tap atop a three-dot menu icon—typically positioned near screen corners.

Step 4: Choose 'Archive'

Locate the "Archive" button. Confirm by tapping on Move.

Your chosen photos are now archived and will no longer appear in your primary library. To access these hidden images:

Step 6: Revisit Google Photos App - Open the Google Photos app once more.

Step 7: Navigate to Archive Section

- At the bottom of your screen, you'll find a tab labeled "Library."

- Tap on this tab to expand its options.

- Among these choices, locate and select "Archive."

Requiring additional authentication methods may vary depending on individual settings preferences or device capabilities. If prompted, use either a password, PIN, or fingerprint verification to view archived pictures securely.

Tips for Managing Hidden Photos

1. Regular Review: Periodically review your hidden photos and remove any that are no longer relevant or necessary.

2. Backup: Keep in mind that hidden photos might still be accessible to someone who has access to your device or your Google account. Consider backing up sensitive photos to a private cloud storage service for added security.


When considering how to add photos to hidden, two practical approaches exist for users - creating hidden folders or utilizing Google Photos' archive function, the process is straightforward and effective. Remember to stay organized and prioritize your privacy by managing your hidden photos wisely.


Will Photos Added to Hidden Be Synced to Cloud Space?

Whether hidden photos are synced to cloud space depends on your device. On Android devices, hidden photos are not synced to the cloud. However, on iOS devices, hidden photos are synced to the cloud. This is a crucial consideration when hiding photos.

Will Photos Added to Hidden Be Added to Memory?

No, hidden photos are not stored in memory. When you add a photo to hidden, it is moved to a different place on your device or out in the cloud. This means your photos are still on your device or in the cloud, but you cannot access them through your regular photo gallery. Instead, the photos must be accessed from a hidden folder or archive.

Why People Want to Hide Photos?

The desire to hide pictures can stem from various motivations, including:

1. Privacy Protection - Safeguarding personal information/images from unauthorized eyes.

2. Optimize Digital Spaces - Minimizing visual noise through fewer visible items.

3. Enhanced Organization - Categorizing specific sets of images independently.

4. Storage Optimization - Removing unnecessary duplicates or backed-up files from limited device space.

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