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Welcome to HONOR Support
  • Step 1
    Backup data

    Device information will be cleaned up during repair, please backup your personal data and restore factory setting.

  • Step 2
    Registration of the application

    Submit your application and wait for Email confirmation.

  • Step 3
    ASC trouble shooting

    The authorized service center will receive the device and repair it.

  • Step 4
    Device delivery

    The courier will offer a convenient time and deliver.

Apply for postal repair

I confirm that the product I am repairing is not HONOR CHOICE product. For HONOR CHOICE products, please contact the HONOR Support for after-sales service if your product was purchased on the HONOR official online shop. If not, please contact the corresponding retailer directly.

* How to determine whether the earphones are HONOR products or HONOR Choice products

Postal repair FAQ:

1. How long will the repair process take?

The turn around time for repairs will be aroud 10 working days, including the logistics time. This does however exclude the Out-Of-Warranty quotation period which is at the discretion of the repair center, depending on factors such as the size of the repair.

2. How can I check my repair progress?

To check your repair progress, please contact our customer service center. For the contact information, please visit

3. How much will my repair cost?

There is no any charge if your device is under warranty. If your device is out-of-warranty, the price for your repair will depend on a few different factors, such as what device is being repaired and what component needs replacing. You can check the price for certain components at our website Out-of Warranty Repair Price Query. Please note: These prices are only for the component and may not include labor charges. Also, if you cannot find your device in the list then unfortunatley we are unable to provide a price at this current time, and you may have to wait for the service center to raise a quotation, which you can refuse.

4. What is the warranty policy of my device?

For product warranty policy, please go to

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