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About HONOR Point

Welcome to HONOR Point, our program designed to reward you for shopping with us! By registering on HONOR or My HONOR App and participating in the HONOR Point activities, you can earn rewards simply and redeem them for your next purchases.
You can view your HONOR Point balance by clicking on "My Account" on HONOR or clicking on "Me" on My HONOR App after logging in.

100 Points = 2 GBP

From 4th December - 31st December

How to Earn Your HONOR Points?


Earn points by shopping on My HONOR app or HONOR Store (WEB\WAP).


Earn points by sharing a product or activity of HONOR Store (WEB\WAP) to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.


Registering on My HONOR App or HONOR Store (WEB\WAP), you can get points when log in to the HONOR account for the first time.

Writing Reviews

Earn 10 points by writing comments after completing each order on HONOR platform. The number of words should not be less than 10 characters. You can earn 1 time points by commenting 1 times in 1 purchase order.

Completing Daily Check-in

Earn points by completing Daily Check-in on My HONOR App.

Completing Tasks

Earn points by completing tasks in Task Center on My HONOR App.

How to Redeem Your HONOR Points?



Tap My Account on the personal page to view the details, including the time, channel, and amount of acquisition and consumption.


Select the transactions you wish to redeem for, then to check out. Review and tap on "HONOR Points" to to proceed with the redemption.


Go to the payment screen and you can review the points deduction amount.
Upon confirmation of successful redemption, a statement credit will be reflected in your next statement of account.

How to Redeem Your HONOR Points?



Tap "Me" on My HONOR App, log in to view the Points details and Task Center


Completing Daily Check-in and tasks in Task Center.


Shop on My HONOR app


Redeem your HONOR Points when checking out.


Check the details of the points you've earned from your purchases on the My HONOR App after delivery is confirmed and no refunds have been processed.


  • 1. What are HONOR Points?

    The HONOR Points are rewards that HONOR users can earn through shopping, signing in, and registration in My HONOR App (United Kingdom) or

  • 2. How to use HONOR points?

    HONOR Points can be used to get discount in purchase or redeem coupons and gifts.
    Get discount in purchase: When you order in My HONOR App (United Kingdom) or you can use the points directly to deduct part of the total amount (excluding delivery cost). By using 100 points, you can get £1 discount. The deductible amount is no more than 30% of the total order value.

  • 3. Can I spend my HONOR Points in other countries?

    No, you cannot use your HONOR Points in My HONOR App or HONOR online shop of other countries or regions.

  • 4. How to get HONOR Points?

    1) When you order any product (excluding Services and HONOR Care Products) in My HONOR App (United Kingdom) or, you will get HONOR points corresponding to the amount you paid, excluding shipping fee. For each Pound, you will receive one HONOR point.
    2) By participating in activities: You will receive HONOR points when you participate in registration, comment or program Applicable. Please refer to the activity terms for details.

  • 5. How to check where my HONOR points come from?

    1. On Tap HONOR Points on the My Account page to view the details, including the time, channel, and amount received and spent.
    2. On My HONOR App: Tap Me, click Points Details to view the details including the time, channel, and amount received and spent.

  • 6. How long are the points valid for?

    The points you get by buying products, and by participating in activities (except by registering and logging in ) will expire at the end of the next calendar year if not used. Once expired, they cannot be redeemed. HONOR Points received by registering and logging in are valid for 365 days from the date of collection.

  • 7. Can the points be transferred?

    The points you have received can only be used for product purchasing by using your HONOR Account. HONOR Points are not allowed to be redeemed for cash, resold or transfer. When you cancel your HONOR Account, the HONOR Points in your account will be cleared and invalidated.

  • 8. Can I receive HONOR points on orders purchased with coupons or other HONOR points?

    For purchases made through coupons or HONOR points, you will not receive points corresponding to 100% of the total order value. For example, if you spend a £10 coupon / 1000 Honor points in a £200 total order, you will receive HONOR points based on £190 amount, i.e., 190 HONOR points.

  • 9. Can I receive HONOR points if I cancel my order?

    No, unfortunately you cannot receive HONOR points if you cancel the order. If HONOR points have been already credited into your account, the system will automatically deduct the amount corresponding to the cancelled order. HONOR reserves the right to revoke the full amount of HONOR points awarded because of fraudulent practices.

  • 10. If I spend my HONOR points in an order and then cancel it, will the HONOR points used in the order be refunded?

    For orders purchased using HONOR points and subsequently cancelled, the relevant HONOR points will be refunded at the end of the cancellation process. If you have any questions, please contact

Terms and Conditions for HONOR Points apply. Visit HONOR Points User Rules for more information. The available rewards are subject to change without notice.

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