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HONOR celebrates the
Unsung Heroes of Christmas.

HONOR celebrates the Unsung Heroes of Christmas 1

What if your best Christmas present celebrated your unsung heroes?

This Christmas, HONOR is celebrating Unsung Heroes across the UK, people who care for others during the festive period. Often unnoticed, rarely recognised, and always essential, it's time to celebrate them for the care they give those around them and the warmth they bring to our lives.
We invite you to join us in this, and show your support, participate in our social media activation, and vote for your Unsung Hero.
It is, as always, an Honor to be with you.

HONOR celebrates the Unsung Heroes of Christmas 2

HONOR your Unsung Hero
with an unexpected gift!


Eligibility 1 Eligibility 2 Eligibility 3 Eligibility 4 Eligibility 5

To participate, follow HONOR on Instagram.

Entry Period

Entry Period

Entries will be accepted from the time of the official "Unsung Heroes" post until 18:00 on December 19th, 2023.

How to Enter

Participants have two ways to enter:

Option A:

On HONOR's Official Page

1. Find the "Unsung Heroes" post.
2. Tag your personal "Unsung Hero" in the comments using the hashtags #HONORtobewithYou #MyUnsungHero
3. Share why they are your unsung hero

Option B:

On Your Own Page

1. Post a photo of your "Unsung Hero".
2. Use the hashtags #HONORtobewithYou #MyUnsungHero.
3. Share why they are your unsung hero.

How to Enter 1
How to Enter 2

Selection of Winner

Selection of Winner 1
Selection of Winner 2

On December 20, 2023, a random lucky draw will be conducted from all eligible entries. The "Unsung Hero" from the winning entry will be deemed the winner.


Prize 1
Prize 2

The chosen "Unsung Hero" will be awarded a special Christmas bundle consisting of our latest HONOR 90 and the HONOR Pad X9.

Who is your Unsung Hero Check the research!

Q :

Do you think unsung heroes deserve more praise during the Christmas period than other times of year?

Yes : 39%
No : 34%
Q :

Are you planning to give up some of your time over the Christmas period to help others?

Yes : 20%
No : 42%
Q :

Who would you classify as unsung heroes?

NHS workers
Healthcare workers
Waste collectors
Q :

How do you try to praise unsung heroes during the Christmas period?

I give them gifts : 17%
I contribute to charities or organisations which support their causes : 16%
I promote their good work : 13%
I sent them thank you cards or letter : 13%
Q :

Who would you say is an unsung hero among your loved ones?

Mother : 36%
Father : 25%
Wife : 18%
Q :

Unsung heroes deserve more credit for what they do?

Agree : 88%
Disagree : 12%
Q :

Would you say that one of your loved ones is an unsung hero?

Yes : 48%
No : 27%
Q :

Which would help us recognize and celebrate unsung heroes during the holiday season?

Social Media
Recognition campaigns

Crowdfunding for their causes

Digital Award Ceremonies

Christmas Deals

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