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March 15, 2022

HONOR sets high standards with HONOR X8

Combines flagship technologies with an aesthetic design

In today’s new normal with work and play right around each other, the use of smartphones has seen a steady and rapid increase over time and space. These days, any decision to buy a smartphone is one motivated by knowledge that a good smartphone can allow you to accomplish more than you thought you could - whether professional or personal - and remain mobile. There are several requirements which a consumer consider, ranging from something as simple as price and budget to whether you want a camera or a particular kind of technology.

There’s no question that consumers have nearly limitless choices when it comes to buying a smartphone. However, as limitless as those choices might seem, the pool of possibilities gets much smaller when consumers start factoring in their essential smartphone features. These “deal breaker” features are aspects of a smartphone that they absolutely cannot do without. Considering the increase in mobile content consumption especially video and usage of multiple apps daily, todays multitask-entertainment-hungry generation demand more screen space so they can watch, view, read and enjoy more of the things they love and an exceptionally smooth user experience from their smartphone.

Considering the consumers focus on flagship features, HONOR introduces the HONOR X8, the newest member of HONOR’s reliable HONOR X Series, a combination of cutting-edge technology, features and style. The HONOR X8 is a pivotal landmark in the series, building an exceptional value proposition that no flagship smartphone can match from the competition. It sets high standards by providing the customers an exquisitely slim and stylish design, a large screen with super narrow bezels and boasts an advanced memory capability the HONOR RAM Turbo, an HONOR technology, that exceeds expectation and provides smooth experience to the users.

honor x8

Super Narrow Bezels for an Immersive Entertainment Experience
The HONOR X8 features an ultra slim and lightweight body, coming in at just 7.45mm thick and weighing just 177g. Presenting a truly immersive visual entertainment experience, the HONOR X8 has been designed with super narrow bezels which deliver an immersive display and an impressive 93.6% screen-to-body ratio, the highest to be achieved among similar flagship smartphones from competition in the market. It gives the users freedom and space to watch mobile movies, enjoy online shopping and study with ease. For advanced visuals, the X8 features a screen refresh rate of up to 90Hz, enabling a smoother scrolling and gaming experience and ensuring users can relish in superior picture quality.

To accomplish this industry breakthrough, HONOR developed an innovative glue dispensing solution for the HONOR X8, removing the gap on the middle frame bezel and filling adhesive between the LCD and the middle frame bezel to deliver the HONOR X8’s super narrow bezel design. Guaranteeing superior performance, HONOR also pioneered an HONOR self-developed antenna transmission technology, ensuring excellent signal transmission performance, despite a 30% reduction in space for the antenna.

HONOR engineers have thought about the user’s comfort when designing the new HONOR X8. Keeping users’ digital wellbeing in mind, the smartphone is equipped with TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, which reduces the proportion of harmful blue light to alleviate eye strain and fatigue, even after extended periods of use. The unique eBook mode on HONOR X8 provides a comfortable reading experience, when on it changes the screen to black and white, making it easier on users’ eyes. Additionally, Dark mode delivers deeper and softer colors, perfect for night-time reading.

honor x8

The Smart Memory Expansion Technology: HONOR RAM Turbo
The HONOR X8 is packed with RAM Turbo Technology, expands RAM storage by compressing background apps, enabling the HONOR X8 to simultaneously open more applications without compromising on efficiency. Offering a more seamless user experience and enabling users to carry on with their tasks with ease, the technology stops background processes from getting killed when users switch apps, ensuring users can take a call or write a message when they are gaming or watching a movie. Apps will still be running in the background and waiting for users to pick up exactly where they left off.

HONOR RAM Turbo technology increases productivity, efficiency and experience for the user and allows them to simultaneously use, launch and switch apps smoothly especially while using social media, ecommerce and gaming apps. This technology in HONOR X8 allows the user to work simultaneously around 20 apps 1 compared to competition which is just 12 apps 2 at a given point of time. This technology also extends the life span of the device, making the HONOR X8 smooth as always even after 36 Months.

Honor has combined advanced flagship technologies with an aesthetic form in the Honor X8. The smartphone’s design showcases HONOR’s commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions and a seamless user experience, allowing consumers to truly immerse themselves and indulge in the content they are consuming. Honor X8 demonstrates the brand's daring ‘Go Beyond’ attitude and design hallmarks through its exceptional technologies, striking minimalist design and sophisticated craftsmanship.

1. Depending on the nature of the apps.
2. Depending on the nature of the apps.