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Top Features

Coaxial Dual-Driver Design

With powerful bass and bright treble

AI Temperature Monitoring1

Enable continuous temperature measurement and abnormal temperature alert

Incredibly Light and Comfortable

Each earbud weighs only 5.1g2, ergonomic design

5 Minutes Charge
2 Hours of Music Playback4

Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation3

Automatically recognize the scenario and intelligently adapt ANC mode

Ultra mode
Cozy Mode
General Mode
Call Noise AI Cancellation
"Best of MWC" Award from top music media Billboard
Coaxial Dual-driver Design

Powerful Bass, Bright Treble

World's 1st Coaxial Dual-Driver Design Super-Amplitude Driver & PZT Tweeter bring the punchy bass and delicate treble sound together in a harmonious way. Feast your ears with a fascinating voice.5

Independent Rear Cavity Cover
11mm Large Driver
PZT Tweeter

Punchy, Powerful
The Bass Adds Texture

Wear your earbuds and play a piece of bass solo. Enjoy immersive audio with amazing bass just like a live concert.

Pure, Clear
The Treble Tells a Story

PZT Tweeter delivers exquisite high-pitched vocals and rich details.

AI Leakage compensation

Immersed in the Music

Earbuds 3 Pro features intelligent wearing status detection and improves sound effects incredibly. A smart compensation of medium-frequency and low-frequency sounds leads to astonishing sound.

Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation

The First-Ever Intelligent ANC

Airplane, Subway

Ultra Mode

Supporting a noise cancellation depth of 46 dB6, Ultra Mode effectively reduces loud noise and brings you a quiet and comfortable experience.

Library, Workplace

Cozy Mode

Focus on your book or work with less surrounding noises.

Café, Street

General Mode

Enjoy the beautiful life moment when enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee wearing your earbuds with the best balance of Adaptive ANC.

Call Noise AI Cancellation7

Marvel at the Crystal-clear Calling Sound

During calls, the VPU bone sensor and AI algorithm optimizes the voice in all areas.. No more "You hear me?" but "Loud and clear."

Calling Voice Enhancing Ambience Noise Reducing Anti-wind Noise Design
AI Temperature Monitoring1

Tap Three Times to Start Measuring Your Temperature

Your earbuds also make temperature measurement simpler.
High-accuracy Temperature Sensor combine with AI temperature algorithm, result in an accurate measurement ±0.3°C.8 Let you know more about your health data.

AI Temperature Monitoring1

World's 1st TWS Earbuds with Temperature Monitoring

The temperature data improve owing to the brand-new temperature monitoring technology, which secures your health.

High-accuracy Temperature Sensor
Ergonomic Design2

Incredibly Light and Comfortable

This pair of "open" earbuds weigh only 5.1g2 of each and prove to be quite comfortable to wear, with no more tips jammed in the ears.

Intelligent Fit Test

Three Tip Sizes
Offer You Tailored Seal

Intelligent Fit Test
Battery Life9

Plenty of power left even at the end of your day

5C Fast Charging10

5 Minutes Charge
2 Hours of Music Playback4

Reverse Charging11

Touch the back of your smartphone for wireless charging

Connect in No Time

Connect with a phone once the case is open

Low Latency in Gaming12

Sound, Image
Neither is Left Behind

AI Bone-Conduction Wireless Audio Receiver13

Make Your Vlog Better

Now take a video on your phone. You’ll be amazed by the cinematic audio quality, as a result of bone-conduction human-voice enhancing, audio effects optimizing, and background and wind noise reduction.

Waterproof for Daily Use14

Sweaty Workout
No Sweat in Earbuds

Make the Most of Your Earbuds
HONOR AI Space app offers a full list of "excellent use". A pair of right size tips get you a tailored seal. The adaptive noise-canceling allows an undisturbed experience. The remaining battery power display makes you reassured all day long. All these are very approachable with just a few taps in the app. Now tap to find more marvelous features.