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July 12, 2021

Don’t Miss Out Budget Friendly Band with Bigger Screen

Fit your life with comfort design and screen
The HONOR Band 6's design is lots nearer in appearance to the smartwatch more than a fitness band. It offers a bigger 1.47-inch, 194*368 resolution AMOLED touchscreen display with tempered glass adding some extra protection, easier to absorb data, as well as it can struggle for visibility in bright outdoor light. Besides the good version, HONOR Band 6 wear with the light case to live with, which feels sporty, a little plain, stylish, comfortable to wear and it wraps securely to your wrist. The watch itself is wonderfully lightweight (18g without the silicone strap), and you will forget that you are wearing it.

honor band 6

As you'd expect, the watch face is customizable with a lot of options out of the box, there are dozens of options with very different styles, you do have a collection of watch faces too with the ability to add your photos to create more personalized watch faces to show your attitude every day. You can swipe sideways from the watch face to get access to things like music playback controls, your activity records, heart rate, stress levels, and weather, and pressing the side button opens the menu, easy to switch your choice.

honor band 6

All-round protection for your daily health life with smart tracking
Nowadays people are living in a hurry mode and ignored or hard to manage the health. Since the COVID19 happens, health tracking becoming more necessary in daily life.

COVID-19 made us aware of our health, more attentive to the symptoms to the extent we have a checklist of our own. It is already known that dry cough fever and headache are some of the many symptoms of COVID-19. But there is one main symptom which people often ignore or have no knowledge about - shortness of breath and a fall in the Blood Oxygen levels. This is indicated by a term called SpO2.

honor band 6

SpO2 stands for peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, it refers to the percentage of red blood cells that are saturated with oxygen. Since human blood carries oxygen through the combination of red blood cells and oxygen, the higher the oxygen content in the blood, the better the metabolism of the human being.

According to WHO, in a young adult, Severe Pneumonia accompanied by high fever or a respiratory anomaly and a SpO2 level of less than or equal to 93% is one of the major symptoms of COVID-19. While in children, symptoms are cough with difficulty in breathing and a SpO2 level of less than or equal to 90%.

The oxygen saturation can reflect the respiratory function and physical condition of the human body. A normal healthy person should be able to achieve SpO2 levels of 94% to 99%. For patients with mild respiratory diseases, the SpO2 should be 90% or above.
Insufficient blood oxygenation may cause fatigue, drowsiness, listlessness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and decreased memory.
HONOR Band 6 measures blood oxygen level based on optimized hardware, optical technology, and various algorithms.

Apart from SpO2 monitoring, HONOR Band 6 also helps you track your heart rate and there are a multitude of fitness and exercising options available within the band itself.
Once you start working out, the HONOR Band 6 does a good job of tracking your activity, and you also get plenty of insights into things like your heart rate, speed, pace, altitude changes, calories burned, and so on. If you are into swimming, it can also measure your performance, with information such as your SWOLF score.

honor band 6

For the people always busying work and lost their fit-time, the HONOR Band 6 throws out inactivity alerts to keep you moving during the day, and the bigger screen makes it's harder to ignore them. Those prompts tell you to move, and quite uniquely, will also remind you to get up and walk after a meal.

When it's time for bed, there is a sleep menu on the band to see most recent sleep and nap time tracked with more data found inside of that Health app. In the app, you can see a breakdown of sleep stages and along with a sleep score, which offers some insight into your sleep quality. And HONOR Band 6 has “night mode” to free your sleep from interruption.

honor band 6

As far as other features, you get the usual fitness tracking sensors including an accelerometer, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and sleep monitoring and more and HONOR Band 6 works with a super battery to ensure the all the above functions goes well with you. There is an 180mAh capacity battery here, that should deliver up to 14 days in typical usage and up to 10 days in heavy usage. That typical usage involves having continuous heart rate monitoring enabled and tracking just a single 30 minute workout a week.

honor band 6

HONOR band6 available in Meteorite Black, Sandstone Grey, and Coral Pink, it's stylish will suit fitness fanatics and fashionistas alike. If you're looking for a budget perfect fitness tracker, the HONOR Band 6 boasts plenty of health and fitness features at a great price.

honor band 6