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December 17, 2018

HONOR 10 Lite Complete Review: Best Budget Phone for the Young

As the consumption upgrades now in the trend, it is not that easy to buy a mobile phone priced at below $300 that combines outstanding use experiences plus reliable quality into one as you desire for. Luckily we have our HONOR consistent in bringing the young the best smart phones that integrate high appearance index and excellent experiences. Recently HONOR has officially launched HONOR 10 Lite priced at RMB1,399 (around $205). Since then, it has become the focus of attention in the public views. HONOR 10 Lite can be said the best budget phone for the young.

HONOR 10 Lite in white color

HONOR Lite series have always been reputed as the one with high beauty index and young connation embodying “goodness and colorfulness”, which ensures the mobile itself with super attractive appearance and avoids the body color looking dull and boring. Not unexpectedly, HONOR 10 Lite sets a high benchmarking for its appearance designs and hardware configuration. Then, how good is HONOR 10 Lite? Let’s take a close look.

Appearance: No young without gradient colors.

If you cannot tolerate yourself buying the notch screen, HONOR 10 Lite’s pearl screen perhaps will let your vision shine. HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with 6.21-inch big screen, but its pearl screen is infused with super narrow side frames + bottom frames design, in combo with the screen top pearl designs intended by HONOR official, allowing for the screen-body-ratio reaching up to 90%+.

HONOR 10 Lite with 6.21-inch operation screen gives the users the feel of ease similar to that by holding 5.2-inch loaded traditional smart phones, which is evident enough to prove its super high screen-to-body ratio and directly let the mobile body dimension appear pretty much “losing weight”.

HONOR 10 Lite features a very bling-bling back shell design. Now I am holding midnight black version, showing dazzling light effects under the reflection of light rays. Noticeably, HONOR official also blends gradient colors into the body of HONOR 10 Lite.

Among different versions of HONOR 10 Lite, the gradient blue and gradient red color scheme version is characterized by their body color turning from light to dark from up to down. And with highly sophisticated 3D photoetching techniques, the back shells reveal varied light and shade effects when viewing in different angles. For instance, the gradient blue version presents a natural transition of light white - light blue - ocean blue from up to down with the whole body diffusing delicate quality sense.

HONOR 10 Lite in blue color

In order to bring the users a nice handhold feel, HONOR 10 Lite’s back shell is treated with four curve facet hot bending technique, which allows for the mobile body to highly fit closely to the palm. In this way, the users will feel much handier in daily use.

Photo-taking: 24-megapixel AI selfie lens easily generates younger images

As the smart phone mainly targeted at the young groups, HONOR 10 Lite undoubtedly features the powerful selfie functions. In this perspective, HONOR 10 Lite performs remarkably and even loads 24-megapixel AI HD selfie camera previously only set in those flagship models. With four-in-one photosensitive enhancement lens, F/2.0 big aperture and LCD circular fill light tech (smartly recognize dim light scenes and activate circular fill-in light tech), creating greatly enhanced selfie effects

What’s more, HONOR 10 Lite is capable of blurring the background based on AI algorithm and highlight the portrait image according to variable photo scenes.

EMUI 9.0: New generation of full screen gesture operations

As the mobile phone priced at RMB thousand, HONOR 10 Lite still enjoys the benefits of its built-in new EMUI 9.0 system with a refreshing natural interface and special adaptive configuration on default desktop styles and models.

Its dynamic desktop wallpapers include full range of gradual styles in multiple colors. When use your fingers to slide on the screen for a switch on different pages, the color shown will reveal glittery variations wholly for a refreshing and natural look.

EMUI 9.0 is added with gesture navigation: if slide on the screen from the two sides to the center, you can turn back; swipe up to back to the desktop; swipe up and hold to switch between multi-tasks. HONOR 10 Lite supports gesture navigation, a way to allow for easy navigation and ensure not occupying display space in full screen. And many users have already formed a habit in using gesture navigation and even cannot tolerate to live without it.

In conclusion, EMUI 9.0 streamlines its system functions in a rational way, and retains the very core ones. In this way, the users could enjoy highly handier comprehensive experiences in daily use, and acquire more natural and pleasant feel in their visions.