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我的荣耀 开启荣耀之旅

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Experience and Echo
with HONOR Brand Tunes

Music is highly effective at transmitting culture and emotion
across borders of territory, language, ethnic groupings, and time.
We wish to use a sympathetic and inspiring melody to
express HONOR's solid belief and ever-surpassing attitude
as we begin a new chapter.

Born to Transcend and Never Give Up

GO BEYOND transcends limits of time, era, and music kinds
by fusing global music elements with pop music genres
to convey our unwavering attitude of aggression
for breakthroughs and exploration.
By doing so, our homage goes out
to each and every one of you
for going above and beyond
and living up to your honor!

Sonna Rele

American and European empress of pop

Sonna Rele is a top-rated artist on global well-known stream media platforms and recorded Strong, the closing song of the Disney movie Cinderella.

Andy Love

A world-famous musician

A world-renowned musician whose music masterpieces have received 14 BMI awards.

Brand Ringtone

We have created 4 ringtones
by playing the refrain with different styles of tones.
The traditional version is classic;
the electronic version is cool and charming;
the tropical version is dynamic and powerful;
the marimba version is concise and elegant.
Now let's listen to these ringtones.



Classic instrument orchestration is combined with publicly accepted
musical tunes to express an ambitious vision in a peaceful manner.
GO BEYOND, broaden your horizons.



Unfettered orchestration forms are combined with a dynamic
rhythm to deliver a free yet well-disciplined emotion.
GO BEYOND, enjoy the future!


Marimba Version

Succinct orchestration is coupled with fair-sounding
melodies to deliver supreme sound and tune.
GO BEYOND, march forward.



The electronic sound expresses emotion, vitality,
and coolness more directly, just like being young.
GO BEYOND, challenge yourself.

Welcome to download HONOR tunes. We expect GO BEYOND to empower you and help you become better.

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