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December 24, 2018

HONOR 10 Lite Review: 24MP Selfie Camera, Rare for a 200 Dollar Phone

HONOR 10 Lite loads 13-megapixel+2-megapixel back double cameras with the main camera containing an F/1.8 super big aperture. And HONOR 10 Lite also supports AI scenes recognition for 22 classes and 500+scene tags plus the function of automatic photo optimization. What’s more rare-to-see is its 24-megapixel front singular camera. Then, how good is its photo-taking performance? Let’s find out more.

HONOR 10 Lite

1. Studio-level selfies

HONOR 10 Lite’s studi-level selfies

From these selfies, you can see the studio-level. Enabled by AI technology, stereoscopic portrait can be achieved through various photography lightings such as butterfly lighting and soft lighting. You can take a studio-level selfies simply at your home with HONOR 10 Lite.

What’s more, when you’re taking the picture of scenery, the outcome is also attributed to the magical functions of AI algorithm. The composition of skyscrapers under the blue sky taken by HONOR 10 Lite seems much purer than the real scene in naked eyes. Very lovely.

Meanwhile, the leaves give you an intimate touch of coming autumn. Yellow leaves all over the trees create an outstandingly beautiful picture, which proves that HONOR 10 Lite’s HDR capabilities are truly remarkable in backlight ambience among those mobile priced at RMB thousand.

2. Super night-scene photos taken at night.

HONOR 10 Lite’s night mode

HONOR 10 Lite provides AIS handhold super night scene functions that normally only found in other brands’ flagship models. It can follow 6s handhold phot-taking you can instantly see the optimized photo output. For most common green-hand users, the added handhold night scenes means they are also able to produce good night photos even without using any professional photography techniques.

When taking night photos, you can deliberately turn on and off the “night scenes” respectively to see the different effect. You can see that the output images under the night scene mode seem purer with denoise treatment on whole pictures. HONOR 10 Lite’s final output quality far exceeds the limits of its own components.

3. Portrait photos.

The group of photos above is the selfie sample ones taken by 24-megapixel front lens. Noticeably, we find full variety of light effect options that are initially set in the previous flagship HONOR Magic2. So we have good reasons to predict that the play methods of HONOR cameras will be universally applied to its family products in the full range of pricings.