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Fast Charging Phones

Fast Charging Phones

A fast charging phone delivers speedy power replenishment, keeping you connected and productive. With reduced charging times, fast charging smartphone ensures your device is always ready, eliminating the frustration of waiting and enabling seamless usage on the go.

Common Fast Charging Power and Corresponding Charging Time

Fast charging typically refers to the ability of a smartphone to charge at a higher wattage than standard charging rates, resulting in quicker power replenishment and ensuring uninterrupted usage in today's fast-paced world. Generally, we call a phone charging at above 18 watts the fast charge smartphone. Some common fast charging watts include 18W, 25W, and 33W. Besides, you can also see some super fast charge phones that support charging at 45W and even 66W.

Below, we'll take a fast charge mobile phone with a 5000mAh battery as an example to see how fast it can be when charging at these fast charging watts.

Smartphone Battery Fast Charging Watts Charging Time (0%-100%)
5000mAh 18W 100-140 minutes
5000mAh 25W 80-100 minutes
5000mAh 33W 70-80 minutes
5000mAh 45W 50-60 minutes
5000mAh 66W 40-50 minutes

Note that the specific charging time may vary by your smartphone, chargers and charging output, etc.

A fast charging phone keeps you powered up and productive on the go. Rapid charging gives you hours of battery life in just minutes at the plug. Smooth, uninterrupted streaming, gaming and multitasking are possible with less time tethered to an outlet. Fast charging phones let you make the most of your busy life, with lightning quick power when you need it. No more battery anxiety or wasting time tied to a charger.

Popular Fast Charging Phones

HONOR Magic5 Pro

Charge faster than ever with the new HONOR Magic5 Pro! This speedy flagship phone packs a powerful 5100mAh battery that can be juiced up ultra-fast thanks to its market-leading 66W wired and 50W wireless charging. In just minutes, you can power up the Magic5 Pro's long-lasting battery from 0 to 100%, so you'll never be left without juice. Experience lightning-fast charging and powerhouse performance with the HONOR Magic5 Pro – one of the fastest charging Android phones.

HONOR Magic5 Pro

Power through your day with the incredible speed of the HONOR 90. Its massive 5000mAh battery and 66W SuperCharge let you recharge from zero to full in just 45 minutes so you'll never miss a beat. The powerful Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor ensures lag-free performance for gaming, browsing and productivity. Capture stunning photos anywhere with the excellent triple camera system. Sleek style meets exceptional speed with the HONOR 90, the ultimate mid-range fast charging Android phone.


Power through your day with the incredible speed of the HONOR X8a. This stylish Android phone charges lightning fast thanks to its massive 4500mAh battery and 22.5W rapid charging. Get hours of power in just minutes of charging. The X8a's MediaTek Helio G88 processor and up to 6GB of RAM deliver seamless speed for apps and multitasking. Enjoy silky smooth streaming, gaming and more on the stunning 6.7” Full HD+ display. Experience the speed you need to power through your day with HONOR X8a.


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