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March 15, 2022

HONOR Unveils its Leading Ram Turbo Technology Function through All-New HONOR X8

The cutting-edge compress technology is designed to deliver smooth and optimized performance

Technology has seamlessly integrated its way into our day-to-day activities, improving and streamlining them. We use mobile apps so frequently we use them without even thinking about them, a lot like breathing oxygen. This is true from the moment we get up in the morning thanks to our alarm app, setting up online meetings, staying on top of our social media accounts, watching videos, playing, shopping online through mobile e-shopping apps and so on.

honor x8

However, there are several factors that can affect the efficiency of your smartphone and mobile applications performance. The chipset, the storage type, and also how much RAM you have. RAM plays an integral role in smartphones’ overall performance and larger RAM space translates to more computing power. For this reason, your smartphone can benefit from adding more RAM and if you find apps keep crashing and closing a bit too frequently for your liking, or if apps are running sluggish, then most probably RAM could be one of the reasons why.

It’s annoying when you are using an application, take some actions, stop at a specific point and then at the same time get a phone call or text from someone and want to return back to the previously opened app, and then you find it crashed, and you are directed back to the home screen. Or when you suddenly feel your smartphone performance start lagging after a few months of usage and you need to wait too much to launch an application.

honor x8

Fortunately, HONOR has successfully managed to tackle these situations through introducing HONOR X8 – the best RAM Turbo phone 1 with “HONOR RAM Turbo. This technology works through expanding RAM storage by compressing background apps and enabling the HONOR X8 to simultaneously open around 20 2 applications without compromising on efficiency. Whereas other brands have designed their phones to run maximum 12 applications without lagging, the HONOR X8 goes far beyond. Offering a more seamless user experience and enabling users to carry on with their tasks with ease.

Based on testing session, results show that with HONOR RAM Turbo technology - which moves a small portion of flash memory to RAM, meaning 6GB RAM can be increased to 8GB RAM-, HONOR X8 can efficiently around 20 3 applications alive in the backstage compared to other devices with 8GB+3GB which can keep maximum 4 applications alive. This means that 6GB + 2GB device with RAM Turbo technology can be more efficient that 8GB+3GB one.

With smartphones being used to game, text, call, and watch videos, sometimes at the same time, switching between tasks can lead to “background process killing”, leaving many users frustrated when their game automatically ends, or an app suddenly closes when taking a phone call. This happens more often when the phone has low RAM. The ground-breaking technology also stops background processes from getting killed when users switch apps, ensuring users can take a call or write a message when they are gaming or watching a movie and resume from where they stopped and allowing them to run more apps, do more tasks and master multitasking skills like a pro.

Another interesting part about HONOR RAM Turbo technology is that it extends the life span of the smartphone for up to 36 months, which means users can enjoy the same smooth performance they experience when they newly buy their devices for up to 36 months and even more. This advantage is a huge benefit for those who don’t really keep on changing their smartphones periodically. HONOR has always been passionate about delivering the leading technology breakthroughs to users and HONOR RAM Turbo is a great example on that.

1. Awarded by Khaleej Time, Gadget Voize and Unboxing Geeks.
2. Depending on the nature of the apps.
3. Depending on the nature of the apps.

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