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June 19, 2018

Five ways to take better smartphone photos of London | HONOR Official Site (IN)

With London looking its shimmery best, it’s time to upgrade your photography game. Here’s how the new Honor 10’s AI-packed camera can help you take better pictures of the city

London is never more photogenic than it is in the summer, making right now the ideal time to get out there and snap the city at its absolute sexiest. That’s exactly what James Asquith and Sarah Tran have been doing – using the new feature-packed Honor 10 smartphone, they’ve been touring the capital’s top attractions to show that you don’t need to be a pro to capture jaw-dropping shots of London. Londoner James is the youngest person to have visited all 196 countries in the world, while globe-trotting blogger Sarah knows a thing or two about hunting down Instagrammable city sights, so they’re the ideal people to put the Honor 10 to the test.

Looking to take your Instagram game to the next level? Follow in the footsteps of James and Sarah, take heed of the tips below and you’ll have your followers reaching for the heart-eyes emoji.

Keep track of where you take your best street shots

Ever found yourself wanting to return to the scene of your best street photography, only to forget where you were at the time? One word: geotagging – the GPS data attached to your snaps that makes pinpointing their location a doddle. The Honor 10’s Smart Gallery intelligently uses geotagging to group shots by the location in which they were taken, and it even recognises scenes, people and objects, too. Yes, this includes your cat.
Where to shoot: Covent Garden is a people-watcher’s paradise.

Photo taken with Honor 10 by Sarah Tran.

Time it right for sunsets

The general rule with sunsets is that the later you leave it, the dreamier the result. Pro snappers do their shooting during the ‘golden hour’ – the final hour before the sun dips behind the horizon when the sky and the city look their finest. This sort of situation is one of the Honor 10’s specialities – the camera’s AI recognises the outline of the sky and enhances exposure levels and colours automatically. Who needs filters? 
Where to shoot: The roof of the O2 is the perfect place to capture the City skyscrapers.

Photo taken with Honor 10 by Sarah Tran.

Add depth to your portraits

The problem with living in such a photogenic city is that portrait subjects are forever being upstaged by their background. Pro photographers avoid this by shooting with a shallow depth of field to soften out the background – an effect that’s now possible on smartphone, thanks to the Honor 10’s intelligent portrait mode. So, no more returning from a saunter around the South Bank with your other half to find the Shard pointing out of their head in half your photos. 
Where to shoot: The Sherlock Holmes Museum is full of curious-looking backdrops to snap against.

Photo taken with Honor 10 by Sarah Tran.

Sharpen up your selfie skills

Okay, documenting this incredible city is important, but when you need to let everyone know you’re somewhere especially awesome, only a selfie will do. If you’re inside, avoid turning into a silhouette by not shooting with your back to a window, and always look at the lens (rather than the screen) so your Insta groupies get some #eyecontact. Niftily, the 24-megapixel camera on the front of the Honor 10 sports the same features as the one on the back, meaning you’ve got super-flattering portrait-mode selfies at your fingertips. You can even throw studio-style lighting effects into the mix too – nobody needs to know you’re actually just on the Victoria line. 
Where to shoot: Anywhere you like – this one’s all about you!

Photo taken with Honor 10 by Sarah Tran.

Don’t forget to look up

London is a city that feels like it’s getting taller by the week, meaning there’s plenty going on above eye level. Skyscraper shots can look kind of samey, so try mixing old with new, or working natural elements into the foreground for a more interesting shot. Buildings are another thing that the Honor 10’s AI-enhanced camera makes the most of – thanks to its Semantic Image Segmentation technology, all you have to do is point and shoot, then marvel at the super-sharp architectural details. 
Where to shoot: Head to the fringes of the City for a stark contrast of ancient and modern.

Photo taken with Honor 10 by James Asquith.

Get in the picture!

Got an itchy shutter finger? Put your photography skills to good use and you could win an amazing prize. Honor and Visit Britain have teamed up to launch #AIMAZING Journey – a worldwide photography competition open to all Honor owners. From now until August, upload your best snaps through the HiHonor website or the Honor Facebook page and you could win a new Honor 10 smartphone or flight vouchers – so you can unleash your creativity on a whole new city!


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