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我的荣耀 开启荣耀之旅

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Being a football
fan is never easy
From indescribable highs to shattering lows, we’ve
all had indelible memories of our favorite
But it’s rare that we actually get a chance to tell
them what they truly mean to us.
Now is our time. Join us, and together we can tell
our heroes why it’s such an
Being a football fan is never easy
Being a football fan is never easy
"HONOR to be with you" Activity
1. Follow HONOR’s official Instagram account @honorglobal.
2. Search the hashtag #HONORtobewithyou and follow it.
3. Post a photo of you holding your favourite football jersey, the “Jersey” could be anything that looks like a jersey, such as a painting, a tattoo, or even a poster with a drawing of a jersey.
4. Leave your comment under the photo and tag three of your friends.
Award of Prizes:
According to the deadline, the top 50 users on the hashtag page will receive the football jersey. If the total number of posts in the event reaches 100,000, then we will send an additional 10 jerseys for every 10,000 posts until 250 jerseys are sent.
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