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December 10, 2018

Best HONOR Mobile Magic2’s Evolution

HONOR Magic2

HONOR Magic2, which is newly released with its remarkable display, camera, smart assistant and 40W quick charger, etc. can be said the best mobile of HONOR. This article will show you its evolution process to help you understand it better.

Appearance Evolution: MagicSlide full screen + Butterfly 5-rail slide screen structure+ gradient colors

HONOR Magic2 adopts poreless and borderless designs, providing amazing visual enjoyment with super high screen ratio; its 6.39-inches MagicSlide full screen adopts AMOLED display screen to output more quality pictures.

It supports in-screen optical fingerprint. When the screen is off, it can complete the unlocking within 0.5s with one touch to open function; its body uses 3D curve design, more rounded R curve, in a way to give us closely-fit handheld feel.

The mobile back takes optical nanometer vacuum coating technology that generates perfect visual enjoyment under sun lights. It adopts the original butterfly 5-rail slide screen structure to ensure its body more closely-fit to your palm.

Regarding color schemes, HONOR Magic2 is available in three styles of gradient colors: Gradient black, gradient blue and gradient red. Additionally, it announces various themes that include Universe Sky, Planets, Nebula, etc., to create an attractive illusion that our mobile packs the whole world.

Smart evolution: Smart Brain Kirin 980 + Smart Assistant YOYO

HONOR Magic2 equips with smart brain Kirin 980, and acquires six Global 1st HONORary titles. Combined with Dual-NPU AI processing abilities, it provides multiple powerful capabilities.

HONOR Magic2 also loads with new generation AI system MagicUI 2.0 whose core and soul comes from YOYO. YOYO combines various AI capabilities like hearing, computer vision, natural semantic understanding, deep learning, decision system, referral system into one set, and its born high IQ is said to have the AI rating score high up to 4556 points.

Since YOYO is born, it starts to recognize your biotic characteristics including fingerprints, voice, face and accounts. It can accurately recognize your fingerprints through in-screen optical fingerprints.

YOYO supports 3D bionic photosensitive technology, coming up with 24 hours 3D face unlocking. Also it can be used for 3D face finance security payment, supports IFAA 3D face solution, Alipay face payment; it records your own voiceprints through voiceprint recognition tech.

Once YOYO recognizes you, it will serve as the all-round assistant to accompany you all the time, outputting full scenes of intelligence experiences.

When you are driving the car, YOYO will smartly test your driving scenarios to provide 20 scenes without wake-up; when you are shopping, YOYO will support hundreds of millions of goods procurement information to interconnect with 300+global online e-commerce platforms.

When you are traveling abroad, YOYO will process with text converting translation in ten languages as well as real-time double direction interpretation over calls in ten languages.

As long as you slide down to open slide screen structure, YOYO can intelligently sense your demands and automatically recommend you the most wanted services. As your health nutritionist, YOYO helps you identify the calories contained in food only by taking a glance.

Also as your private beautician, YOYO knows how to use reflective light double separation technology and "spiral pyramid" grain scan for detecting your skin quality and subsequently offers you with well-tailored skincare tips.

YOYO provides custom voice skills to assist you with private tailored services; it supports smart text input methods, and proceeds with autonomic response, active hints and smart associations during your chats with your friends.

YOYO continually evolves through AI open platform, and even it is capable of directly operating DJI drones’ taking off, landing and photo-taking etc.; and it continues in accompanying you along with the path of personal growth.

Capability evolution: AI dual-frequency GPS navigation+40W safe super quick charging+ AI Smart communication

In view of mobile navigation, HONOR Magic2 adopts AI dual-frequency GPS navigation and equips with self-innovated Hi1103 GPS chip in combination with original Star selection technology to ensure the positioning accuracy up by 100% when compared with industry dual-frequency accuracy.

It also supplies with HiGeo positioning navigation engine to allow you to obtain more accurate navigation experiences in the difficult conditions like complicated topography and scattered signals; Certified by CTTL labs, HONOR Magic2 proves to be the five-star accurate positioning navigation mobile.

In the area of quick charging, HONOR Magic2 is one of the first batch to pass TÜV Rheinland safe quick charging certification 2.0 by adopting self-innovated 40W (10V/4A) super charging to realize the performance of charging 50% within 15 Min, 85% within 30 Min; and it applies low-flow security design solution, 15-layer security protection, 3-layer ID certification to ensure safe and reliable quick charging capabilities.

Regarding AI intelligence communication, HONOR Magic2 loads original double SIM cards VoLTE call data concurrence tech for guaranteeing your Internet surfing and making call ongoing in parallel; and thanks to its 1.7Gbps Wi-Fi upgraded downloading rate, to download one 10GB TV series only require 78s;

In order to facilitate those business users to cast the screen for demo presentation anytime and anywhere, Wireless PC mode uses original dual-system wireless screen casting tech and supports Miracast wireless and wireless screen casting connection.

Paying a tribute to tech dreams, HONOR Magic2 also introduces graphene dissipation technology. Graphene, as the king of new materials, features super strong heat-conducting property.

Photography evolution: Super quick selfie + front 3D bionic photosensitive tech+ back super wide-angle AI three-photography

For front end configuration, HONOR Magic2 provides 16-megapixels main lens and double 20-megapixels infrared lens to support studio-like 3D portrait light effects and other selfie experiences; also presents super quick selfie experience. Simply by a little sliding the screen to open front cameras; the prettiest moment is captured instantly.

For back configuration, HONOR Magic2 is set with the three-camera combo of 24-megapixels black and white + 16 megapixels color+16-megapixels scenes, and even it can intelligently recognize 60+class tags plus 1500+ scenes, a clever solution to meet the photo-taking demands in all scenarios.

Benefited from the application of 17mm wide-angle lens, HONOR Magic2 can achieve 117° super wide-angle view of glamourous pictures all in your control; and portrait photographymode adds to the colors with more real sense and clearer details in your eyes.

HONOR Magic2 supports AIS smart anti-shake handheld super night scenes to allow for more definite and dynamic images under dark lights; also it is designed to include protagonist story collections and capable of intelligently recognizing video characters and complete the smart clip works.