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Buy HONOR Magic5 PU Case


HONOR Magic 5 PU Case
HONOR Magic 5 PU Case

Elegant color | High-end texture | High-level protection

Anti-stain with durability, comfortable with protection

Anti-stain with durability, comfortable with protection.

Four-corner all-inclusive design, flexible and delicate PU texture, shock-absorbing and anti-drop safety protection.
  High-end within.

High-end within.

Unique pattern fits glossy LOGO, reveal every detail of high-end texture.
Borderless design, convenient control.

Borderless design, convenient control.

The semi-surrounding design restores the original feel at the grip, which is convenient for side screen touch. It is specially designed for super-curved screens.
Adapted Model: HONOR Magic5
Material: PC + PU
Notes: The actual size and weight may slightly vary depending on the configuration, manufacturing process and measurement method.
*The product pictures and description on the screen on the above page are for illustration only. The actual product effects (including but not limited to appearance, color, size) and description on the screen (including but not limited to background, UI, and graphics) may be slightly different from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.
*The data in the above pages are theoretical values, which are obtained from HONOR Lab under specific test environment (please refer to specific descriptions for all items). In actual use, they may be slightly different due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions and environmental factors, etc. Please refer to the actual performance.
*In order to provide as accurate product information, specification parameters and product characteristics as possible, HONOR may adjust and amend the text expression and picture effect on the above pages in real time, so as to match the actual product performance, specification, index, parts and other information. If it is necessary to make the above amendments and adjustments due to real-time changes in product batches and production and supply factors, no special notice will be given. Please refer to the real-time information of our official website.