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November 10, 2021

The Four Biggest Blogger Headaches and How HONOR 50 Solves Each One

While browsing on social media a short vlog captures your attention and inspires you to try to become a content creator yourself. Initially your enthusiasm drives you to shoot exciting footage but after a while you realise it’s not as easy as it should be, and you keep running into the same difficulties when vlogging. As a result, you notice you are spending more and more time trying to solve these problems rather than focus on developing creative ideas. You are not alone as these problems impact vloggers everywhere. Fortunately, the new HONOR 50 is the ideal smartphone to transform the entire process into a smoother experience that makes every aspect of vlogging easy and pain free.

blogger issues solved with honor 50

Difficulty moving the camera to a different scenario

A common problem faced by video content creators is the difficulty in being able to move the camera into different angles as scenarios change. Imagine you have planned out your storyboard and want a scene that begins in closeup but ends in a wider landscape angle shot. You would normally need to set up more than one camera in different locations to capture it perfectly. With the HONOR 50 that is no longer a problem as you are able to simply swipe and select one of six different multi-video scenarios while maintaining video stabilization. By simultaneously using various combinations of its three cameras, one on the front and two on the rear, users enjoy greater flexibility when shooting their scenes. You can select from front and rear camera recording; Dual-View Recording (Front/Rear); Dual-View Recording (Rear/Rear); Picture in Picture; Fast-Motion Recording and Slow-Motion Recording; and Single to Dual-View Recording.

Too much environmental noise

You picked a fantastic location for the outdoor shoot with lots of people around enjoying the sights but as you film your voice isn’t recording properly due to there being too much background noise. With Honor’s Earbuds 2 Lite your voice is no longer a problem as you can hear every word you say on camera even over long distances but without the clutter of background noise. To take advantage of this capability simply use the microphone of your Honor Earbuds 2 Lite - the best wireless earphones out there - so you have more freedom of movement without headphone cables getting in the way. It means you can fully immersive yourself in your shoot without worrying about lack of clarity in your voice or a noisy environment.

blogger issues solved with honor 50

Difficulty in scripting and post-editing your content

The secret to a great video is a good script and how it is edited. Sometimes when we begin shooting a scene, we are left with a lot of footage but struggle to edit it down into a story that the viewer can follow and enjoy. Often this means sifting through hours of video and editing clips together into something you hope will appeal to people who see it. It’s time consuming, is too complicated to edit and often requires an understanding of how to edit various scenes in different ways based on the type of content that is being filmed. A travelogue is not the same as an exercise video after all. Thankfully the HONOR 50’s 6 multi-video modes make life a while lot easier when storyboarding a shoot.

To take advantage of this feature make sure Multi-Video Recording is turned on before shooting. An easy way to test how this feature lets you record from multiple cameras angles in a single take is to start filming yourself talking as you go about your day. To switch between modes, just tap on the icon on top and choose the mode you want to use. The HONOR 50 lets you change to different multi-video modes with a quick swipe, and you can also use the “Beauty” function if you’re filming with the front camera.

But that isn’t all. Honor understands that vloggers love having the flexibility to shoot in different ways and that is why its “Story” feature allows you to shoot a video based on 9 different story templates. So, whether it’s an unboxing, workout or a makeup video there is a template in place. Not happy with your initial shot? Then simply click on the “Edit” button to pause, stop or re-shoot the scene. In other words, you can edit in real time and post on your favourite social media platform sooner.

It takes too long to charge your device

Creating compelling video content can take hours. Shooting from multiple angles in different locations and at various times of the day is a real drain on battery power. That’s why it’s not surprising that the power on devices used for filming can really hold back creators. Unfortunately, once the battery gets too low it can take too long for it to be charged back up. That means lost time that could be spent completing a shoot is wasted. With the HONOR 50 a low battery display is no cause for concern as its 4300mAh battery provides long lasting power while its 66W HONOR Super Charge enables rapid recharging.

blogger issues solved with honor 50

This is made possible by the battery’s single-cell dual-circuit design which lets you use power intensive shooting tasks all-day without the worry of interruption to power. If the HONOR 50’s power level is getting a little too low for your liking, then simply plug in the 66W charger for 20 minutes and get 70% of the battery charged up. A quick and easy test to check power consumption levels on the HONOR 50 is to watch a 30-minute video and compare the battery status before and after.

The huge growth in popularity of short form videos on platforms has encouraged more young people to vlog their daily lives. In the past many have been put off once faced with these common pain points such as complicated editing but with the HONOR 50 that is no longer the case. The smartphone is packed with features that solve these issues and thereby allow users to focus their efforts on expressing their creativity.

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