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April 21, 2023

HONOR Releases Inaugural ESG Report

Company pledges to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2045

[Shenzhen, China – April 21, 2023] Ahead of Earth Day 2023 tomorrow, global technology brand HONOR today published its first-ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, outlining its goals and progress made across its seven ESG pillars including Environmental Protection, Technology for Good, and Youth Empowerment. With the release of the report, the company has also pledged to accelerate its sustainability and decarbonization efforts to reduce its carbon emissions by 88%, achieve 100% use of renewable energy and reach carbon neutral operations by 2045, aligning with China’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

“We are delighted to celebrate the release of our inaugural ESG report today and present the milestones we have reached in our ESG journey thus far,” said Wan Biao, Chairman of HONOR Device Co. Ltd. “At HONOR, we strive to make a positive impact on the global community with purpose-driven, human-centric technologies. As a socially responsible company, HONOR recognizes the importance of creating meaningful value for our stakeholders and we look forward to further contributing to the environment in everything we do going forwards.”

Building on its continued global ESG efforts, HONOR has made progress across its key ESG pillars – Environmental Protection, Technology for Good, Youth Empowerment, Privacy and Security, Staff Development, Supply Chain Management, and Responsible Corporate Governance, all identified in alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – since becoming an independent company in 2020. The ESG Report is also developed in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) globally acclaimed GRI Standards and International Standard Organization’s ISO 26000 Social Responsibility framework. In December 2021, HONOR became an official member company of the United Nations Global Compact, further demonstrating its commitment to fulfilling its sustainability responsibilities.

“We’re delighted to see HONOR’s ESG report published and the company’s commitment to combating climate change, pledging to reach carbon peak and achieve carbon neutral operations by 2030 and 2045, respectively,” said Meng Liu, Head of China Office, United Nations Global Compact. “We look forward to seeing the brand continuing to push the envelope with greener products, and working together with us to foster a circular economy that promotes sustainable development and consumption.”

Actively responding to the challenges posed by climate change, HONOR is committed to working towards a low-carbon future through embracing greener operations, products, manufacturing, and partners. As part of these efforts, the company has infused the concept of a circular economy into its product development lifecycle. To date, HONOR has reduced the use of hazardous substances and materials by 3,861 tons and recycled more than 1,785 tons of e-waste. 98% of the materials used in the packaging of HONOR Magic Vs are also non-plastic. HONOR has also employed intelligent technology to automate 75% of its production line, further bringing down the use of energy and resources in its production facilities. Currently, HONOR is on track to reduce its carbon emissions by 88%, achieve 100% use of renewable energy and reach carbon neutral operations by 2045, which includes a 36% reduction of carbon emissions by 2035.

Dedicated to creating a new intelligent world for everyone, HONOR serves users around the world with meaningful, purpose-driven technology and offers solutions to real-world problems. Since 2021, HONOR has launched over 22 accessibility features such as AI Subtitle, Select to Speak, and Magnification to bridge the digital divide, providing over 3,740,000 users with equal access to industry-leading innovation that improves their daily lives.

In addition to its ongoing sustainability and Technology for Good efforts, HONOR has also pledged to invest more into nurturing the next generation of young talent. Providing a platform for young, emerging artists worldwide to showcase their creativity, the HONOR Talents Global Design Awards has received over 13,000 entries since 2020. Furthermore, the HONOR Magic Moments Awards has accepted more than 300,000 entries since its debut in 2021, enabling content creators and photography enthusiasts to demonstrate their craft in front of a global audience.

The English edition of the HONOR 2021 – 2022 ESG Report can be downloaded from here [].


HONOR is a leading global provider of smart devices. It is dedicated to becoming a global iconic technology brand and creating a new intelligent world for everyone through its powerful products and services. With an unwavering focus on R&D, it is committed to developing technology that empowers people around the globe to go beyond, giving them the freedom to achieve and do more. Offering a range of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables to suit every budget, HONOR’s portfolio of innovative, premium and reliable products enable people to become a better version of themselves.

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