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January 8, 2018

Honor Celebrates Third-year Anniversary with Magic

Continues to bring bold innovation to Digital Natives

Shenzhen, China, December 16, 2016 – Honor, the world’s leading smartphone e-brand for digital natives, celebrated its third-year anniversary with the launch today of Honor Magic, a device packed with disruptive technology set to redefine expectations of smartphones.

Honor owes its continuous success to its legions of fans all over the world. To express its gratitude to them, Honor is committed to exploring frontier areas of technology to ultimately create outstanding mobile experiences for them. The Honor Magic, the latest addition to Honor’s lineup of cutting-edge devices, exemplifies that very endeavor, and marks the culmination of Honor’s extended R&D efforts in bringing the best of technology to its customers.

Underpinned by an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, Honor’s footprint has increased considerably in the space of just three years to span 74 different countries and regions to this day, with sales revenues topping US$6 billion and 40 million units shipped globally in 2015.

The Futuristic Honor Magic

Honor is constantly exploring new technology applications. The Honor Magic breaks new ground by incorporating artificial intelligence designed to understand and analyze users’ data in order to provide intelligent interactive features.

Powered by a Kirin 950, the Honor Magic features a 5.09-inch 2K AMOLED curved screen. The Honor Magic also sports a stylish and ergonomic design, with a 3D curved glass body.

Designed to support a more intuitive mobile user experience, the Honor Magic boasts intelligent sensor and recognition technology. The WiseScreen sensor enables users to unlock their phone by simply picking up and looking at the screen, the display will automatically turn off and the screen will lock when put down or put in a pocket. The FaceCode intelligent recognition feature, on the other hand, ensures total privacy by only revealing message notifications to the pre-registered face.

To further improve user experience, the Honor Magic houses the Honor Magic Live system, which anticipates users’ needs and facilitate their daily lives by offering a whole host of predictive information. The Honor Magic Live system is, for instance, able to formulate a range of customized recommendations based on users’ social conversations via instant messaging apps– conversations revolving around movies will trigger blockbuster recommendations.

Honor Magic’s Smart Display proactively retrieves and displays practical information, anticipating users’ need. For example, ordering a cab with Honor Magic will trigger the driver’s license plate number to be displayed on the screen.

To make it a truly round-the-clock companion, the Honor Magic uses Huawei Magic Power, a revolutionary proprietary speed charging technology, which recharges 70% of the battery in 20 minutes, and 40% in 10 minutes.

“The Honor Magic encapsulates our commitment to cutting-edge innovation and technology,” said George Zhao, president of Honor. “Through this launch, we at Honor are telling our fans around the globe that we are genuinely committed to challenging ourselves and willing to disrupt the status quo to ultimately be able to bring the best mobile-internet experience to them.”

Honor’s Global Achievements

Honor’s third-year anniversary caps another successful year for the millennial-centric brand. In 2016, it witnessed record sales across its range of technology-packed devices, solidifying Honor’s position as a leading global smartphone brand.

In France, Honor is a key player in both the EUR200-250 and EUR300-400 segments in April 2016.In Sweden and Finland, the Honor 8 leads sales in the EUR400-500 price bracket, while playing a dominant role in the same price range in Russia.The Honor 8 also emerged as the best seller on Amazon in Germany and Italy during Black Friday Sales this year.

Honor is proud and grateful to have established itself as the go-to brand for digital natives. Looking forward, Honor will continue to focus heavily on innovation that empowers millennials.

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