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December 10, 2018

HONOR Magic2’s Review: “Fairly Good”

In regard to current popular China-made mobile designs, it naturally goes to slide-cover full-screen. Today our Star mobile, HONOR Magic2 also comes from this family, but HONOR names such structure as “slide screen”. With a slide cover mechanic structure, HONOR Magic2 is “fairly good”.

HONOR Magic2

1. Front look: screen fingerprint + gradient back cover

In full-screen times, except special-shaped screen, currently slide-cover designs seem pretty good among those solutions for full-screen with big screen-to-body ratio, which are also the trials being made by the existing mobile manufacturers. HONOR Magic2 is equipped with a 6.39-inch 1080p AMOLED screen in the front. The front screen frame appears not quite wide, and the surrounding sides are almost the same layout. When the screen is active, HONOR Magic2 truly looks highly impressive with the screen-to-body ratio high up to 91.5%.

2. Back look:

HONOR Magic2’s back cameras are layout in a pattern similar to that in Huawei P20, and its vertical Triple-cameras is nicknamed by netizens as “exclamation mark” design. It back is made of 3D curved glass with gradient color treatment, whose handheld feel and appearance, generally speaking, is fairly decent.

3. Fingerprint recognition:

As for fingerprint recognition function, you only need to put the fingerprint recognition modular under the screen, so this method is a little more user- friendly than MIX 3. Its unlock speed and success rate is not that ideal, but basically ok compared with the others in the market.

4. Butterfly 5-rial slide screen structure

HONOR Magic2’s slide cover has somewhat a “greasy” feel, closely fit to the hand, quite solid and enduring for use. When the screen is slid down, you can see HONOR Magic2’s front triple-cameras. HONOR Magic2 altogether has double triple-cameras both front and back, and the front triple-cameras even support 3D face recognition, currently only workable for unlock function and the face payment not fulfilled yet.

5. Properties: Kirin 980 is powerful enough to fulfill your demands.

HONOR Magic2 loads Kirin 980 processor. This CPU earns massive acknowledgement this year. Kirin 980 uses 7nm processing procedures together with newly applied architectures made up by 2 super big cores (Cortex-A76@2.60GHz) +2 big cores (Cortex-A76@1.92GHz) + 4 small cores (Cortex-A55@1.8GHz). Additionally, Kirin 980 also loads dual-core neural network process unit (NPU) to add its AI calculation power and support more enriched AI application scenarios. HONOR Magic2 is applied with GPU Turbo tech, and as for hardware configuration, Kirin980 uses GPU of Mali-G76. Although the image rendering capability gets enhanced in this application, it still shows a little inadequate in performance than Qualmm Apple. But for daily use, the flow rates when playing games like HONOR of Kings and Chicken Dinner prove fairly good. When activate the highest frame rate, The gameplay flow for HONOR of Kings maintains regularly at a level of 60fps, basically smooth as a whole. EVEN under the HD gameplay image environment of PUBGMobile, it can sustain to the point of game over without interrupts.

6. The mobile phones’ heated issue

In our daily use, some people also concern about the mobile phones’ overheated problem. According to the test data, following one battle of PUBGMobile, the overall temperature of mobile body is measured at around 40 degrees, in which case your palm may have a feel of a slight warmness. In regard to battery life, HONOR Magic2 owns built-in 3500mAh battery, which cannot be counted as big compared with other mobile phones you may find in the market, but absolutely no problem for one day use. With its 40W fast charging function, HONOR Magic2 is good enough to be credited as one of top ones within mobile fast charging domain.

7. Photo-taking: Double triple-cameras front and back collectively

HONOR Magic2 loads double triple-cameras front and back collectively. As for its front 16-megapixel triple-cameras, it is not quite visible due to the concealment treatment. These cameras support portrait mode, background blur, 3D face unlock, 3D Qmoji functions and more.

The back triple-cameras provide a combo of color+black+ white+ultra wide angle lens. To be more detailed, the combo includes one 16-megapixel f/1.8 main color camera, one 24-mega-pixel f/1.8black and white lens and one 16-megapixel f/2.2 ultra wide lens.

The back triple-cameras are also characterized by multiple functions, such as AI photo-taking, AIS Smart anti-shake, handheld super night scenes and portrait model etc, and 16-megapixel ultra wide angel lens delivers quite impressive images by supporting ultra wide angle photo-taking.

8. HONOR Magic2 System: smart voice assistant YOYO +Magic UI

HONOR’smart voice assistant YOYO is said to have a high IQ rated 4556 and it supports voice print recognition. Besides multiple functions like setting the clock time, making phone calls and publishing Weibo messages, YOYO is also capable of doing autonomous learning and evolution. In the launch event, ZHAO Ming made a demo on YOYO’s skin testing function with the help of his assistant. According to his introduction, YOYO’s competency rivals one set of skin cosmetics detector valued at hundreds of thousands RMB. You can make a try in person.


Since this launch, the official logo is changed to HONOR form HONOR. From HONOR Magic2 we could discover that, HONOR is gradually upgrading its original image positioning of low-end and laying out towards high-end products. Taking a look at its appearance, configuration to AI tech, HONOR Magic2 does a fairly good job.

Through certain period of experiences, I feel this new product very neat. No matter viewing its performances, flow rate or photo-taking experiences, HONOR Magic2 is worthy to be well reputed. And you can find some surprising highlights in some of its functions. If you want me to say about its defects, the best regret for me personally is not using linear vibration motor. But considering its price is so sensitive, I can accept that, since it loads Kirin 980 processor and double triple-cameras. Actually this pricing itself is still not competitive enough. 40W super quick charging serves as another advantage of HONOR Magic2. My dear friends, if you are interested in this new mobile, feel free to stay tuned with its upcoming dynamics.