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December 24, 2018

EMUI 9 Review on HONOR 10 Lite

If you want to seek a surprisingly good mobile priced at around 200 dollars, the recently announced HONOR 10 Lite surely is your solid choice! HONOR 10 Lite adopts the trendiest pearl screen design. And compared with 18:9 full screens, HONOR 10 Lite’s full screen has a wider view with the screen-to-body ratio apparently uplifted. Its opening holes look more adorable than those in notch screen. The so-call “pearl” more resembles beauty spot with perfect charms brilliantly exhibited.

HONOR 10 Lite

What amazes us more is that, HONOR 10 Lite’s body color looks completely different from the common gradient color schemes. HONOR 10 Lite’s gradient blue and gradient red transits from up to bottom from white to blue and red respectively, making its beauty index more distinctively outstanding among full variety of mobiles priced at RMB thousand. This unique gradient design endows HONOR 10 Lite incomparably superior quality sense and underlines the young people’s diverse personalities and vitality.

Among current low priced models, HONOR 10 Lite stands out to be the rare-to-see excellent mobile that devotedly combines high beauty index, super performance and dual-camera beauty photo into one. This article will show you HONOR 10 Lite's EMUI 9 review to let you know better about this budget new mobile!

EMUI 9.0 System based on Android 9 Pie

In the perspective of system experience, HONOR 10 Lite is equally infused with forward-looking ideas, as it loads EMUI 9.0 system based upon Android 9 Pie and possesses the updated properties of Android system from the very start. Android 9 Pie provides more consummate support for special shaped screens represented by the pearl screen, and further enriches the assistance for nerve network. And in combo with the loaded Kirin 710 AI chips, HONOR 10 Lite is bound to ignite unprecedented AI experiences.

HONOR 10 Lite’s EMUI 9

EMUI 9.0- Face recognition

HONOR 10 Lite supports the iconic double-unlock functions that include face recognition and fingerprint recognition. In daily use, face recognition could bring awesome unlock experience, and combined with fingerprint recognition, HONOR 10 Lite offers us more diverse unlock alternatives. In actual tests, HONOR 10 Lite’s face unlock process can almost be done in seconds. And further combined with highly user-friendly function of lightening the screen by raising wrist, HONOR 10 Lite automatically lightens the screen and unlocks once you take up the mobile, even no need to touch any buttons.

EMUI 9.0 - Full screen gestures

Until now, all the HONOR full screen mobile phones have already been successively added with full screen gesture navigation. The newly released HONOR 10 Lite is no exception for sure. The user can slide the screen from the left/right edge of its screen to the center to trigger the “back” operation, and swipe from bottom to up of its screen to trigger the “back to homepage” operation, and swipe from the bottom of it screen and whistle stop to trigger multi-task operations. Compared with Android three main keys, gesture operation is more advanced in technology by releasing the full space of its screen, a creative notion regarded as the interaction approach in full-screen era.

EMUI 9.0 - Fingerprint recognition

Why do we need fingerprint recognition since we already own face recognition? The fingerprint payment explains the significance of its existence. In current Android mobile phones, the security of fingerprint still proves to be incomparable. If the phone is not set with fingerprint payment, we have to input the code every time when use the “Scan” payment. But the code is easy to be input wrongly, and also possible to leak in the public sites. It is not convenient for use and also has some potential safety risks.

TUV Rheinland certified blue-ray eye care mode

As HONOR’s first model of pearl screen mobile phone, HONOR 8X Max is the first one to introduce TUV Rheinland certified blue-ray eye care mode, which effectively filters blue rays and reduces the harm to eyes caused by the screens at maximum. This sweet function continues to take sound effects on HONOR 10 Lite. Furthermore, HONROR 10 Lite features “healthy use mobile” functions to accurately calculate the time we spend on playing all kinds of games and applications so that we can allocate the mobile use time in a healthier manner.

Moreover, the added AI tech makes EMUI 9.0 experience on HONOR 10 Lite stand out to be very forward-looking in mindsets. No matter say AI translation or AI object recognition, it wholly surprises us with its incredible functions. Face recognition and fingerprint payment greatly enhance the mobile’s use experiences. Enjoy fast unlock in one second without waiting.