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About HONOR Point

Welcome to HONOR Point, our program designed to reward you for shopping with us! By registering on HONOR or My HONOR App and participating in the HONOR Point activities, you can earn rewards simply and redeem them for your next purchases.
You can view your HONOR Point balance by clicking on "My Account" on HONOR or clicking on "Me" on My HONOR App after logging in.

100 points = RM 1

How to Earn Your HONOR Points?


Earn points by shopping on My HONOR app or HONOR Store (WEB\WAP).


Earn points by sharing a product or activity of HONOR Store (WEB\WAP) to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.


Registering on My HONOR App or HONOR Store (WEB\WAP), you can get points when log in to the HONOR account for the first time.

Writing Reviews

Earn 200 points by writing comments after completing each order on HONOR platform. The number of words should not be less than 10 characters. You can earn 1 time points by commenting 1 times in 1 purchase order.

Completing Daily Check-in

Earn points by completing Daily Check-in on My HONOR App.

Completing Tasks

Earn points by completing tasks in Task Center on My HONOR App.

How to Redeem Your HONOR Points?



Tap My Account on the personal page to view the details, including the time, channel, and amount of acquisition and consumption.


Select the transactions you wish to redeem for, then to check out. Review and tap on "HONOR Points" to to proceed with the redemption.


Go to the payment screen and you can review the points deduction amount.
Upon confirmation of successful redemption, a statement credit will be reflected in your next statement of account.

How to Redeem Your HONOR Points?



Tap "Me" on My HONOR App, log in to view
the Points details and Task Center


Completing Daily Check-in and tasks in Task Center.


Shop on My HONOR app


Redeem your HONOR Points when checking out.


Check the details of the points you've earned from your purchases on the My HONOR App after delivery is confirmed and no refunds have been processed.


  • 1. What are the HONOR Points?

    HONOR points are rewarded to users who register, sign in, buy products, provide feedback, participate in activities, and complete tasks on HONOR platforms such as My HONOR and HONOR Store (Web/WAP).

  • 2. What can I use the points for?

    Points can be used as cash during shopping, or used to participate in lucky draws, or redeem coupons and gifts. When you are shopping on My HONOR and HONOR Store (Web/WAP), you can use points to offset a portion of the order amount. Every 100 points can be used to deduct the order amount by RM 1, and the deducted amount does not exceed 30% of the total order amount.

  • 3. Can the HONOR points be used in shopping stores in other countries or regions?

    No. The points earned in Malaysia can only be used in the Malaysia HONOR Store and on the My HONOR app (Malaysia site), and cannot be used on stores in other countries or regions.

  • 4. Can points be transferred to other users?

    Points can only be used within the corresponding account and cannot be redeemed to cash, sold, or transferred. If a user cancels his/her HONOR account, the points earned by that account will be cleared and invalidated.

  • 5. I am loyal customer of Malaysia HONOR Store and have purchased products on the HONOR Store, but I have not received the bonus points. What should I do?

    First, check whether you meet the conditions of this activity. In this activity, we distribute points to individual users who have registered and used the HONOR IDs in the official Malaysia HONOR Store or on the My HONOR app (Malaysia site) to successfully place, pay and confirm orders from 1st July 2021 to 20th April 2023, excluding tourists and users who logged in using Google accounts.
    If you purchased products as a tourist without logging in, or using another account (such as the Google account), you are not qualified to receive the points distributed in this activity.
    If your HONOR ID was not registered in the Malaysia HONOR Store but you purchased products from Malaysia HONOR Store, you are not qualified to receive the bonus points distributed in this activity either.

  • 6. I am sure that I meet the conditions of this activity, but my account has not received any bonus points. What should I do?

    If you can confirm that you meet the conditions, please contact the HONOR customer service center before 31st May 2023. Please provide your HONOR ID and a screenshot of the points received for products purchased at Malaysia HONOR Store. We will verify the information and distribute the points before June 10.

  • 7. I have the Club points. Are these points the same as the HONOR Points?

    No. The Club Points are different from the HONOR Points and cannot be used as cash during shopping. For details about how to earn HONOR Points, see the related points rules.

Terms and Conditions for HONOR Points apply. Visit HONOR Points User Rules for more information. The available rewards are subject to change without notice.

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