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November 11, 2022

Is 64gb Enough for A Phone?

Do you ever feel like you need more storage on your phone? Like you can't fit all of your photos, videos, music, and downloads on your device? You're not alone. The storage space that apps and files take on your smartphone varies a lot. One video file may take more space than another would. Your choice of favorite apps may take up more space on your smartphone than another person’s favorite apps would. It is therefore not surprising that figuring out the right amount of space that you need on your smartphone may be this confusing. Fortunately, we have provided you with all the information that you need in order to figure out how much storage that you need on your smartphone. So many people ask the question “is 64gb enough for a phone?” That’s why we are here to answer.

Is 64GB Enough for A Phone? (Solved)

Standard Storage of Smartphone

Standard storage of smartphone is indicated by numbers and letters. For example, you can now choose from the following gigabyte (GB) sizes; 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256. And it is becoming increasingly common to have smartphone storage sizes of up to a terabyte. Here are some pros and cons of standard smartphone storage;

256 and 128 GB

(1) Pros:

• You can take and store a lot of pictures and videos, stream or download the latest games, music and apps without worrying about space running out.

• You do not need to use cloud storage.

(2) Cons:

• They are expensive.

64 GB

(1) Pros:

• It falls in the middle and accommodates the majority of the casual smartphone users.

• You can capture and store pictures and videos comfortably if you are not a heavy smartphone user. It has general enough space for normal daily usage.

(2) Cons:

• You will run out of storage if you’re a heavy gamer or always capture and save every picture and video.

32 and 16GB

(1) Pros:

• Its space is generally okay for casual users, which allows downloading basic apps that you use daily.

(2) Cons:

• If you are a heavy gamer, music lover and video enthusiast, this storage is not for you.

How Much Storage Does a Phone Need?

Most modern smartphones currently ship with 32GB space as a minimum. Lower storage options are becoming increasingly rare to get in the market. As a guiding principle, you can take the 32GB storage as the bare minimum and 64GB as the standard choice for smartphone manufacturers.

If you’re a heavy gamer, love downloading videos for offline viewing, like listening to downloaded music and a lot of smartphone apps, you may want to consider 128GB or even 256GB. And if you don't think you'll ever need that much space, there are always cloud storage options available.

Yet for people who use their smartphones only for making and receiving calls only, 64GB should be plenty of space. This gives you enough room to store several thousand photos, several hours of video, and all the other files you need without having to worry about running out of space.

Is Higher Storage Better?

Essentially, higher storage on your smartphone is always better. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone because not all people use the phone the same way. For example, you can compare more storage space on your phone with more living space in your house. Although you’re happy with the space, the big living space can largely remain unused. Can this be better used in another way?

But for those that like more flexibility and freedom to save all what they can, more storage space is what they need. Are you one of them? This is the trend. Remember although that smartphones with a lot of storage space are comparably more expensive, it’s always worth an investment. More storage on your smartphone means that you can save more content on your phone including pictures, videos and music. You can also comfortably download content such as video series and save them for offline viewing. What more? If you are an ardent gamer, more storage space will improve your gaming experience.

Always weigh your options wisely. If you're looking for the best balance of speed and reliability, you might want to stick with a mid-range option. But if you want the convenience of having a lot of storage, then go ahead and max out your phone's storage capacity.

Is 64GB Enough for a Phone?

Your media consumption habit is the main determinant here. If you love downloading media rather than streaming live, you may find 64GB a bit limiting. If you also take and store a lot of videos on your phone, this will affect too. This size will be enough for moderate smartphone users, that avoid storing media locally and do not use their phones as their primary media devices.

However, you need to know when your smartphone is indicated to have 64GB, not all this space is available even on brand new smartphones. For one hand, the smartphone operating system and pre-installed system and other apps will have taken a sizable amount of space already. For another, you cannot use all the space made available because smartphones will need space to breathe. You have to leave some space unused to avoid hanging or slow performance of your smartphone.


So, is 64GB enough for a phone? It depends on your needs. If you don't store many photos or videos, have a lower-resolution camera, and only use a few apps, then you may be fine with 64gb. But if you take lots of pictures and videos, listen to music, and play games regularly, then you'll likely should go for smartphones with more space. Today, most phones, including HONOR, provide different storage options for customers to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect smartphone for you.

FAQ About Is 64GB Enough for a Phone?

1. What takes the most of your smartphone storage space?

Mostly, your smartphone storage space is used by your phone operating system, pre-installed apps and what you save on it. These include downloaded apps, videos, photos, music, and such simple things as text.

2. When is 64GB storage space sufficient for use?

If you do not store a lot of your media files locally one your smartphone and that you prefer streaming music, videos and TV shows and series rather than downloading, 64GB of smartphone storage space should serve you just right.

Source: HONOR Club

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