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eXtra Speed, eXtra Power

66W HONOR SuperCharge | 6.81" HONOR Fullview Display | 4800mAh Long-lasting Battery

1.Product images are provided for reference only, actual product features may vary.
2.The product supports maximum 66W wired charge, 66W HONOR charger and cable are required. Actual charging speed may vary depending on environmental conditions and other factors.
3.The screen adopts the round-corner design. When measured according to the standard rectangle, the diagonal length of the screen is 6.81 inches (the actual visual area is slightly smaller).
4.4800mAh refers to the typical value of the battery, the rated value is 4700mAh.

Six Highlights

  • 66W HONOR SuperCharge

    66W HONOR

  • 90Hz Screen Refresh Rate

    Screen Refresh Rate

  • 6nm Power-Efficient Snapdragon

    6nm Power-Efficient

  • 8GB+2GB HONOR RAM Turbo

    HONOR RAM Turbo

  • 64MP Quad Camera

    64MP Quad Camera

  • 4800mAh Large Battery

    Large Battery

Expanding Your Horizons

With a 6.81 inch FHD screen1
and a screen-to-body ratio of up to 94%2,
you can now see, and do more.
With a dynamically adjusted refresh rate of up to 90Hz,
and a touch sampling rate3 of 180Hz,
immerse yourself in a smooth experience.

Expanding Your Horizons

6nm Power-Efficient
Snapdragon® Chipset
Performance That You Can Touch

Featuring a power-efficient Snapdragon® 6nm chip
with a multi-core smart engine,
the HONOR X9 responds instantly as you move between tasks.

6nm Power-Efficient Snapdragon® Chipset, Performance That You Can Touch

HONOR SuperCharge4
Always On the Go

The high speed 66W HONOR SuperCharge4
allows you to fill 81% battery capacity within 30 minutes5.
Whether you’re a jetsetter or power exec,
it follows you wherever you need to be.

66W HONOR SuperCharge, Always On the Go

Large Battery Capacity
Going the Extra Mile

Large capacity 4800mAh6 battery,
along with the HONOR Smart Power Saving Technology,
brings you a longer battery life: 13.75 hours of social
media exploring or 16.8 hours of online music playback7.
Endurance for that extra mile.

4800mAh, Going the Extra Mile

RAM Extension,
Smooth Experience

With 8GB8 of efficient RAM and the HONOR RAM Turbo technology,
2GB of ROM are available for RAM extension.
Smoother performance in multi-tasking makes for a perfect experience.

HONOR RAM Turbo, RAM Extended, Smooth Experience

Splash of Color

Comes in three distinct colours which are as unique as you are:
Titanium Silver, Ocean Blue and Midnight Black.

Splash of Color
  • Midnight Black

    Midnight Black

  • Titanium Silver

    Titanium Silver

  • Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blue

Rear Quad Camera
Capturing Vivid Moments

The advanced 64MP9 Rear Quad Camera,
coupled with an optimized imaging algorithm,
lets you frame and freeze the beauty of life.

64MP Rear Quad Camera Capturing Vivid Moments

Art of Life

With multiple story templates,
you can record every precious moment with ease.
Preset with RHYTHM, PARTY, VISITED and more,
the HONOR X9 disappears into the background
as you leave your memories behind.

Art of Life

Rigorous Quality Standard
Top quality product.
Zero compromise

  • Power Button Test, 200,000 times

    Power Button Test
    200,000 times

  • Touch Screen Durability Test, 800,000 times

    Touch Screen Durability Test
    800,000 times

  • Maximum Load, 70Kg

    Maximum Load

  • Fingerprint Button Test, 200,000 times

    Fingerprint Button Test
    200,000 times

  • Temperature Cycle Test,Between -20°C~55°C

    Temperature Cycle Test
    Between -20°C~55°C

  • *All of the preceding data comes from HONOR lab tests that are conducted in controlled environments. Actual product performance may vary according to real world conditions.

1. The screen is rounded, and when measured according to a standard rectangle, the diagonal length of the screen is 6.81 inches (the actual viewable area is slightly smaller).
2. The data comes from the HONOR Lab.
3. For different apps and games, the refresh rate may be different.
4. The smartphone supports up to 66W wired charging power, and should be used along with the original 66W HONOR SuperCharge charger and cabel. The actual charging power may vary slightly depending on scenarios, products, usage habits, and environmental factors.
5. The charging data and battery life data are sourced from the test results of the HONOR Lab. The phone is charged at a temperature of 25°C and a relative humidity of 45% to 80% from 3% of battery level with the phone screen off, using the original super charger and the original charging cable. The actual charging data may vary depending on products, usage habits and environmental factors.
6. The typical battery value is 4800 mAh, and the rated value is 4700 mAh.
7. The data comes from the HONOR Lab.
8. A 6GB version is also available.
9. The main camera is 64MP. Actual image resolution may vary depending on the shooting mode.

Due to possible system cache, updating the page may cause abnormal changes in prices and other uncertain circumstances. When you find any abnormalities in the price tag or the promotion information of the products offered, please feel free to contact us for updates and corrections.
The product photos and screen content in the above pages are for reference only. The actual product (including but not limited to appearance, colors, and dimensions) and screen content (including but not limited to background, UI, and pictures) may vary slightly.
The data in the above pages are theoretical values, which are obtained from the HONOR Lab under a specific testing environment (please refer to the specific description of each item). In actual use, performance may be slightly different due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions, and environmental factors.
In order to provide product information, specifications and characteristics as accurately as possible, HONOR may adjust and amend text and pictures in the above pages in real time to match the actual product performance, specifications, indices, parts and other information. If it is necessary to make the above amendments and adjustments due to real-time changes in product batches and production and supply factors, no special notice will be given.