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January 8, 2018

Honor 8 Pro named ‘EISA Consumer Smartphone 2017 – 2018’

[Berlin, Germany, August 3, 2017] Honor, a global leading smartphone e-brand, continued to ride its wave of success and market recognition, was recognized at the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) awards today and presented with the coveted ‘EISA Consumer Smartphone 2017 – 2018’ Award. EISA called out the Honor 8 Pro as “a fitting tribute to the innovative engineering and great performance from Honor”.

“We are thrilled to receive the ‘EISA Consumer Smartphone 2017 – 2018’. This prestigious accolade represents a solid recognition from the industry – not only for the Honor 8 Pro but also for the wider Honor brand,” said George Zhao, President of Honor. “Despite the competitive smartphone market space, the Honor 8 Pro stood-out from the crowd and has been extremely well-received by millennials, which has reinforced our confidence to develop further trend-setting devices which excel in design and performance for millennials around the globe.”

Running on an octa-core processor with four 2.4GHz A73 and four 1.8GHz A53, a hefty 6GB of RAM and industry-leading Vulkan Application Programming Interface (API), Honor 8 Pro offers ideal gaming experience with graphic processing performance enhanced by 400%[1] reduced frame skip and gaming lag. Loved by gamers around the world, the Honor 8 Pro has also recently been announced as the 2017 Mobile Legend Tournament Exclusive Partner and the Mobile Legend South East Asia Cup official gaming device in Malaysia.

Honor 8 Pro named the Mobile Legend South East Asia Cup official gaming device

Launched in April 2017, the Honor 8 Pro has attracted and amazed fans from around the globe, including: Malaysia, India, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Within just 54 hours of the Amazon Prime Day in India, Honor 8 Pro reached sales of 2,000 units, ranking the best-selling smartphone between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000. Honor continues to innovate and develop millennial centric devices that meet the needs of next-generation smartphone users and gamers around the world.


About Honor
Honor is a leading smartphone e-brand under the Huawei Group. In line with its slogan, “For the Brave”, the brand was created to meet the needs of digital natives through internet-optimized products that offer superior user experiences, inspire action, foster creativity and empower the young to achieve their dreams. In doing this, Honor has set itself apart by showcasing its own bravery to do things differently and to take the steps needed to usher in the latest technologies and innovations for its customers.

About the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA)

Established in 1982, the European Imaging Sound Association (EISA) is a multimedia association that tests consumer electronic products. With a membership including 50 audio, mobile, video and photo magazines from 20 European countries, EISA's awards are known as one of the most prestigious consumer recommendations that products can receive, and a key indication for the best consumer purchasing decisions.

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