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March 24, 2021

HONOR Band 6 Launches with Bigger Display and Premium Health Monitoring Features

Innovative fitness band offers a holistic range of health and fitness tracking capabilities to empower people to stay mentally and physically fit

HONOR Band 6 Launches with Bigger Display and Premium Health Monitoring Features

HONOR Band 6

[March 24th, 2021] – Global technology brand HONOR today announced the availability of the HONOR Band 6, the latest addition to HONOR’s premium wearable lineup. Equipped with a stunning 1.47-inch AMOLED display and packed full of health and fitness management functions with an outstanding 14-day battery life, the HONOR Band 6 is the perfect fusion of innovative style and exquisite technology, allowing users to keep better tabs on their mental and physical wellbeing. With an accessible price tag of €49.9, the HONOR Band 6 caters to students and young professionals who want to stay fit and healthy.

“The launch of our latest fitness tracker - the HONOR Band 6 - showcases our unwavering commitment to providing premium products that empower people to lead a healthier and more productive lifestyle,” said George Zhao, President of HONOR. “Featuring a larger, enhanced display and advanced health management features, the HONOR Band 6 makes achieving your health and wellness goals simple, fun and affordable.”

Large Display with Stylish Design

Providing a clear and comfortable viewing experience on your wrist, the HONOR Band 6 boasts a large and vivid 1.47-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 194 x 368, offering a 148% increase in display area when compared to its predecessor. Encased in a 2.5D curved glass screen with anti-fingerprint coating, the HONOR Band 6 sports an iconic and sleek design, complete with an eye-catching HONOR logo on the left-hand side and a convenient side button on the right. The HONOR Band 6 features an extensive library of watch faces and is designed to provide all-day comfort with the silicone rubber straps. Available in three stunning colors, Meteorite Black, Sandstone Grey, and Coral Pink, the HONOR Band 6 is a fashionable accessory to express users’ unique styles.

All-Round Care for Better Health Management1

Ideal for health-conscious individuals, the HONOR Band 6 provides a wealth of essential health monitoring features that allow users to better understand their body. Enabled by Pulse Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) monitoring2, the HONOR Band 6 can detect users’ blood oxygen levels, which is essential for those who keep tabs on their respiratory health or who enjoy hiking or climbing at high altitudes. Thanks to an optical heart rate sensor and a precise AI algorithm, the HONOR Band 6 also supports 24/7 real-time continuous heart rate monitoring which alerts users when an abnormal heart rate is detected.

By tracking heart rate variability, the HONOR Band 6 effortlessly monitors users’ stress levels throughout the day and helps users to release stress and tension through guided breathing exercises.

Ensuring a good night’s sleep is equally as important as keeping an eye on your health and fitness throughout the day. As such, the HONOR Band 6 is well equipped with a suite of sleep tracking capabilities that identify and log data around users’ daily sleep status, including how much deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, awake time and naps you take each day. The HONOR Band 6 also provides personalized assessments and suggestions tailored to improving users’ sleep quality.

Effortless Fitness Tracking for an Optimized Workout Experience

For avid fitness fans who like to exercise on a regular basis, the HONOR Band 6 is the perfect fitness companion, supporting 10 workout modes, including outdoor and indoor running, outdoor and indoor walking, outdoor and indoor cycling3, indoor swimming, elliptical, rower and free training. During workouts, the HONOR Band 6 delivers comprehensive real-time data to help users track their performance and gain insights to help them meet their fitness goals.

Equipped with up to 50 meters of water resistance, the HONOR Band 6 is ideal for swimmers for its capability of tracking activity under water, such as your SWOLF score and swimming stroke rates, helping users to boost their swimming efficiency. The HONOR Band 6 can also automatically recognize six different workout modes and will remind users to start tracking their activity so they won’t miss recording their workout data.

Stay Connected with Superior Battery Life and Enhanced Smart Life Features

The HONOR Band 6 is engineered for extended battery life that keeps users powered up all day long. On a single charge, the HONOR Band 6 can last up to 14 days under typical usage conditions and 10 days in heavy-usage situations4. Armed with fast charging technology, the HONOR Band 6 allows users to enjoy an incredible 3-day usage time with a rapid 10-minute charge5.

When connected to a user’s phone, the HONOR Band 6 offers an assortment of life hacks that make everyday tasks a breeze. For instance, the remote shutter feature lets users launch their smartphone camera and snap a photo right from the wrist6, while other handy features include seamless music playback control7, notifications when a user receives calls or messages, weather forecasts, alarms, and a find my phone feature, offering users 24/7 unparalleled convenience.

Pricing and Availability

At an MSRP of €49.9, the HONOR Band 6 will be available to purchase from March 28th in global markets via AliExpress.

The HONOR Band 6 will also be available from local HIHONOR online stores starting from April8.

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  1. This product is NOT intended as a medical device. The measurement data and results are for reference only and are not used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment.
  2. HONOR Band 6 is not medical equipment. The measurement result can only be a personal reference, it is not for medical purpose. Blood Oxygen Level monitor is not available in Japan, Korea and Taiwan market. These functions only work with the Health App.
  3. Outdoor cycling mode only supports HONOR devices with MagicUI 2.0 or later and iOS devices with iOS 9.0 or later.
  4. Battery data is based on test results in HONOR labs. Please refer to HONOR testing environment: Typical usage: Heart rate monitoring is enabled; sleep tracking is enabled. Screen is checked briefly 200 times per day, 50 messages, 3 calls and 3 alarms reminding in 24 hours, and workout for 30 minutes per week. Heavy usage: Heart rate monitoring is enabled, TruSleep™ is enabled. Screen is checked briefly 500 times per day, 50 messages, 3 calls and 3 alarms reminding in 24 hours, and workout for 60 minutes per week.
  5. Data from HONOR internal laboratories. Actual charging rate may vary due to different environments and situations.
  6. This feature is only available with HONOR phones running MagicUI 2.0 or later.
  7. playback feature is not available on iOS devices and some smart features may only be supported by HONOR phones with Magic UI 2.0 or later.
  8. On-sale date may vary from country to country, please contact HONOR team for more details.
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