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HONOR not only adheres to high CSR standards but also works with our suppliers
to build high standards in labor rights, occupational health and safety,
environmental protection, and business ethics.
We share sustainable development with our industry chain partners.
On-site assessment cover over
210K industry chain employees
Focusing on their labor rights, health and safety, and development
Supply chain survey cover over
200 smelters and refiners
Share the Due Diligence Management results of Responsibility Minerals with stakeholders
Carbon inventory project cover over
50 suppliers
Actively carry out carbon inventory to enhance suppliers' management capabilities of Greenhouse Gas
Sustainability audit cover over
40% suppliers
Emphasize and continue to promote sustainable progress in the supply chain
*Data as of December 31, 2022
Labor Rights
The protection of labor rights is a priority in HONOR's supplier management. We hold "zero tolerance" for child labor, forced labor, or inhumane treatment. To ensure partners in our supply chain are treated with fundamental dignity and respect, HONOR actively introduces third-party auditors to evaluate and verify labor rights and working condition in supplier facility.
Protect the legitimate rights of workers
Learn more about our requirements
Health and Safety
HONOR does not allow any operating scenes and factors that may endanger the life and safety or health of workers and is committed to improving the working environment of workers. We enhance the health and safety management of our suppliers through training and regular audits. We also monitor the effective closure of the relevant audit findings.
Ensure health and safety in the workplace
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Supplier Environmental Responsibility
We attach great importance to fulfilling our environmental protection responsibilities. Meanwhile, we hope to encourage our suppliers and partners to care more about the environment and build a green and sustainable supply chain.
We promote our suppliers to actively participate in projects on carbon inventory, energy conservation, and emission reduction. We also require suppliers follow environmental regulations and remedy violations if any. Besides, we conduct third-party environmental audits on high-risk suppliers every year.
Build a green and sustainable supply chain
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Responsible Raw Material Management
We insist on promoting sustainable development and responsibly purchasing metal minerals used in our products, such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, and cobalt. We strictly review and investigate the smelters, and actively share our responsible management performance on minerals with customers and other stakeholders, aiming to promote the sustainable industrial chain.
Conduct due diligence on the source
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Supplier Management
We deeply understand that sound and standardized supplier management is the key to our sustainable development. We have established the Supplier CSR Code of Conduct based on industrial and international standards, and integrated supplier CSR management into our procurement lifecycle, making it an effective and closed-loop process.
Supplier Onboarding

Meet HONOR’s requirement on new suppliers’ entry.

Pass the HONOR’s CSR Certification and sign CSR Agreement.

Supplier Assessment

We invite professional third-party auditing companies to conduct on-site CSR audits on suppliers to manage and control their CSR risks.

We also carry out special audit projects, such as Conflict Minerals, to meet customers’ requirements.

Supplier Training

For the problems found in the evaluation, we will invite senior experts to guide the correction and improve the professional capabilities of our partners.

Promote the establishment of the Supplier CSR Management System.

Supplier Performance Evaluation

We conduct performance evaluations on our suppliers each year.

The evaluation results will be considered in our business cooperation assessment.

Supplier CSR Code
of Conduct
Labor rights
Health and safety
Environmental protection
Business ethics
Management system