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October 2, 2018

Which HONOR Smartphone has the Best Camera

HONOR has made a good name for itself in the market of smartphone. It is a leading brand for young people in the mid-range. The youth can find their favorite handsets in HONOR’s official site or resellers’ store. Usually, young people who are after the latest technology, will put a good camera on the top of their priorities. Hence, camera is definitely an important thing they need to consider before purchasing. But which HONOR smartphone has the best camera?

To show you more clearly, we will list all the camera specifications of HONOR smartphones in below table:

Models Main Camera Dual Camera AI Camera Aperture
HONOR 10 24MP+16MP Yes Yes F/1.8
HONOR View 10 20MP+16MP Yes Yes F/1.8
HONOR Play 16MP+2MP Yes Yes F/2.2
HONOR 7X 16MP+2MP Yes No F/2.2
HONOR 7C 13MP+2MP Yes No F/2.2
HONOR 9N 13MP+2MP Yes No /
HONOR 9 Lite 13MP+2MP Yes No /
HONOR 9 12MP+20MP Yes No F/2.2
HONOR 8 Pro 12MP+12 MP Yes No F/2.2
HONOR 8 12MP+12 MP Yes No F/2.2
HONOR 7 20MP No No F/2.0
HONOR 7A 13MP No No F/2.2
HONOR 7S 13MP No No F/2.2

Who’s the winner? I guess you have already figured out. HONOR 10 looks more superior. Its 24MP+16MP new dual AI camera offers the highest Megapixels and widest aperture of f/1.8. Generally, the camera with the higher MP and wider aperture can take more good-looking pictures. HONOR 10 can also do a good job under dim light with its AI camera.

which honor smartphone has the best camera

The key features of its camera are listed below:

1. 24MP+16MP rear camera and 24MP front camera

The first thing worth mentioning is that it has 24MP+16MP dual-lens rear camera and 24MP front camera. With it, users can take photos or selfies with just one click. Thanks to the new dual AI camera, taking favorite photos is easier than ever before. With this high MP AI camera, you can be a professional photographer just by one click.

2. Independent NPU (Neural Processing Unit) AI technology

Besides a high rear and front camera, the camera is also supported by an advanced technology named NPU (Neural Processing Unit). With the independent NPU (Neural Processing Unit), HONOR 10 can not only recognize 500+ scenarios in 22 categories in real-time, but also recognize more than multiple objects in one image. That’s why it can take vivid contrast pictures.

which honor smartphone has the best camera

What’s more, its AI technology can optimize photos according to the context of the image. Faster and more efficient AI algorithm performance backed by an independently built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU). Lake, sky, hill and building and so on can all be recognized. Selfies will be sharp, professional and natural. Meanwhile, the enhanced light-sensitive sensor in combination with 4-in-1 light-fusion technology produce sharp and focused pictures even in low dim light.

In conclusion, the above two features are the reason why HONOR 10 can do a great job with its camera. It is the HONOR smartphone with the best camera till now.