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October 2, 2018

HONOR's Best Budget Smartphones in 2018

As a young smartphone brand, HONOR wins great reputations for itself in the global smartphone market. Many people buy HONOR smartphones because of the good performance, easy-to-use and sensible price. HONOR is really a budget smartphone brand for the young people who like the newest technology built-in handsets with affordable price. Then do you know HONOR’s best budget smartphones in 2018? If not, the following article will show you HONOR’s best budget smartphones in 2018.

Here is our brief introduction to our best budget smartphones currently on sale in the official site to help you pick the best for you.

1. HONOR 7X: £229.99 (HONOR 7X 64G)

HONOR 7X – Priced at £229.99, HONOR 7X is definitely worth purchasing. It has an edgeless screen with 18:9 full view display which maximize your view on the go. Revolutionary dual-lens 16MP + 2MP rear camera feature brings smartphone photography to the next level. It allows you to capture life’s magical moments in the highest definition in a single click. 4GB ROM+64GB RAM storage with a powerful chipset enhanced the use experience. What’s more, the typical 3340mAh battery allows you to use it normally for a whole day without worries. In conclusion, HONOR 7X is the great mid-range Flagship in today's smartphone industry.

honor best budget smartphones 2018

2. HONOR 7S: £99.99 (HONOR 7S 16G)

HONOR 7S – Priced at £99.99, HONOR 7S is a real budget. With a screen size of 13.8cm combined with a 1440x720 resolution, the HONOR 7S provide a taller 18:9 aspect ratio. So you can now enjoy a theatre like experience on your large phone screen.

The 13MP rear camera with PDAF tech helps you capture sharp and crisp photos in a single slot. The front 5MP camera with a smart LED selfie-light which intelligently adjusts to different light conditions, resulting in glorious selfies. There's also Smart Battery Management 6.0 which optimizes the app performance and reduces power consumption with its 3020mAh large battery.

honor best budget smartphones 2018

3. HONOR 9 Lite: £179.99 (HONOR 9 Lite 32G)

HONOR 9 Lite- Priced at £179.99, HONOR 9 Lite is also a budget handset. It paired with a rear 13MP+2MP dual-lens camera and PDAF fast focus, taking pictures that look more natural and lively has never been easier. Moreover, the advanced wide-aperture mode enables you to refine the focus after taking photo. HONOR 9 Lite allows you to capture your life’s moments with greater accuracy and artistry. The 18:9 full view display provide you a wonderful view experience.

honor best budget smartphones 2018

4. HONOR 7A: £129.99 (HONOR 7A 2G+16G)

HONOR 7A –Priced at £129.99, HONOR 7A is another budget. Its 13MP ultra-sharp dual lens camera enables you to capture masterpieces. The 8MP front camera allows you to take clear and beautiful selfies. Advanced selfie can be adjustable whenever you are in dim or good night. What’s more, it supports face and fingerprint unlock, so that you phone can be used by yourself with one blink.

honor best budget smartphones 2018

5. HONOR 7C: £159.99(HONOR 7C 32G)

HONOR 7C- Priced at £159.99, HONOR 7C is the last budget we’d like to introduce to you. The HONOR 7C is equipped with a powerful 1.8GHz Octa Core SnapdragonTM Processor, coupled with Adreno 506 GPU, 3GB RAM and SmartPower 5.0 technology to ensure a smooth, seamless and long lasting gaming experience. The flat-mounted rear 13MP + 2MP dual-lens camera features one lens for capturing the image and another for depth detection, delivering next-generation depth-of-field effects. What’s more, it also support both face and fingerprint unlock.

honor best budget smartphones 2018

The above 5 handsets are best HONOR budget phones you can choose. Which is your favorite one?