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September 12, 2018

Top 10 Features of Best Camera Phone HONOR 10

Walking around the street, you can see people take photos just by their mobile phones. They use smartphone to take photos and selfies, chat, read news, and pay for shopping and so on. Young people love to take pictures they want anywhere at any time. We can see selfies of your friends through Facebook and Snapchat every day. But do you know how to get a better photo with your smartphone? Take smartphone HONOR 10 as an example, this article will show you top 10 features which make HONOR 10 as one of the best camera phones of HONOR released in 2018.

1. A 24MP+16MP new dual camera with artificial intelligence

With this AI camera, you can be a photo lover from amateur to professional. It’s a high quality lens with new beauty algorithm.

2. Real-time recognition

This function enables the smartphone to automatically recognize the character of different scenarios through having learnt over 100 million photos. It automatically adjusts your camera settings to help you shoot like a professional photographer. Text, Food, Stage, sunset, BlueSky, Snow, beach, Cat, Night Shot, Plant, Portrait, Flower, Dog, Group Photo Cloudy Day Ancient Architecture Fireworks, Autumn Leaves, Panda, Automobile, Bicycle Waterfall and so on.

top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10 top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10

3. Smart scene recognition

The built-in technology can preview the image by the NPU operation, recognize multiple objects in one image, identify the current scene and refine accordingly.

top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10 top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10

4. AI Zoom

The HONOR 10’s camera with AI enhancement. Zoomed-in pixel quality can recognize pictures and enhance them.

5. Portrait mode

HONOR 10’s another magical feature is portrait mode, which includes Natural Bokeh, True Skin Tone and Memorable.

top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10

You can see the hardware-level professional bokeh whose facial edges sharpened and distant points rounded, as well as highlights on 3D face recognition and skin enhancement.

6. 3D Portrait Lighting

Besides the portrait mode, it also provides 3D portrait lighting. From many dimensions it improves your pictures to be brighter than ever before. Creating studio-quality lighting effects with soft light, butterfly light, sidelight, classic light and theater light.

top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10

7. Moving picture

This functions can take pictures which are moving. As long as you enable the moving picture mode, you can record life's most splendid moments. In this mode, photos are recorded as 2 second video clips. When the users browse through their photos, they will move as if brought to life.

top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10

8. Snapshot with AI motion detection

AI Snapshot recognizes moving objects upon activation of the snapshot mode.

top 10 features of best camera phone honor 10

The smart motion capture improves the motion capture effect. Usually it relies on the user's experience. That function follows the focus of a moving object, and shoots at a reasonable distance. At the same time, the mobile solution solve the motion blur: shorten the exposure time to increase the shutter speed.

9. Smart super slow-motion playback

The camera captures what your eyes are missing. This involves automatic motion detection and generation of 480 fps slow motion video.

10. 4 in 1 light fusion

It is equivalent to a 1.8 μm large pixel, 4 times sensitization, which supports to produce outstanding photos in low light.

In dark environment, the 24MP camera will intelligently synthesize 1.8μm pixels and four times the photo sensitive area, so that it can also capture and brighten the face even for shooting in the night.

That’s all the top 10 features HONOR 10 provided to produce better photos. Certainly, there are also other features like smart gallery to sort out your photos, and background scenarios.