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September 26, 2018

How to Edit Photos in Your HONOR 10

Android has officially offered a split-screen mode for smartphones for a long time. However, HONOR is definitely a pioneer in this area. Most HONOR phones feature this function now.

As for split screen mode in smartphones, we are familiar with it. The split-screen mode will split or divide the screen in two for running two different actions or apps at the same time. So, you can constantly switch between the apps with ease.

Sometimes you want to text message to your friends while watching any video. In such cases, you need to override the back button to switch from one feature to another. Obviously, it is not a difficult task, but you need to leave one action to perform other and it is really irritating. Fortunately, the split-screen mode has solved this trouble. When you open the split-screen mode, you can text messages, chat WeChat, even play games while watching videos. Never fall behind in catching up with friends while watching videos.

This One-key Screen Split function offers an even faster multi-management experience. Simple one click on your Whatsapp message notification, stay up with the latest news while browsing the website.

Have dual fun with  split screen mode in Honor phones

Now let's take a look at how to turn on the split-screen mode in HONOR 8X.
Remarks: whether the split-screen mode can be used also depends on hardware and apps. Therefore, this mode can only be turned on under the interface of certain apps and may cause some apps to run incorrectly.
Method 1: Launch apps which support split-screen mode, touch and hold 

HONOR 8X Feature Split-screen Mode

Have dual  fun with split screen mode in Honor phones- Method 1

Method 2: Go to Setting>Smart assistance>Motion control>Split-screen gesture. Then enable Split-screen gesture. Launch apps which support split-screen mode, knock firmly with your knuckle and draw a line across your screen.

Method 3: Launch apps which support split-screen mode, use two fingers to slide upward from screen bottom to turn on split-screen.

Once you have your apps in split-screen mode you can make size adjustments. To adjust the size, simply drag the divider line

HONOR 8X Feature Split-screen Mode

If you no longer want to split screens, simply click 

HONOR 8X Feature Split-screen Mode

 and then press the 

HONOR 8X Feature Split-screen Mode

 button to exit quickly the split-screen mode.

Have you learned how to use this split-screen mode in your HONOR phone? Try it and you will find this function can bring you multi-fun at one time!