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July 27, 2020

HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #3 - In the Gym

Friends often come and go but our best buddies are defined by being the ones who are always there at every step of the journey. What is certain by now is that wherever you are and whatever the situation, the HONOR Magic Earbuds, available to buy now on, are by your side, every beat of the way. Fully wireless and with Active Noise Cancelling technology, the HONOR Magic Earbuds are truly on the forefront of wearable sound technology making them ideal for all moment of your day. So whether you are trying hard to study at your local cafe or commuting on a packed out train, HONOR Magic Earbuds will let you enjoy your activity with ease and at peace.

Today, in our third instalment of HONOR Magic Earbuds: Your Best Buds in Every Scenario we take a trip to the gym to explore just how the Earbuds can help maximise your enjoyment as well as your workout. Is there anything worse then being distracted by loud grunting noises or people having a casual chat while you are trying to break a sweat? Especially if you are a newbie to the gym, staying fully focused on your personal workout despite the people around you, can be a challenge. The good news however is that, HONOR Magic Earbuds can help to solve this!

Take a look below and discover how the HONOR Magic Earbuds are helping HONOR fans enjoy their time in the gym, and hopefully as gym’s begin to upon up across the UK, you will be prepped and equipped to smash your workout!

HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #3 - In the Gym

Alfredo, in the yellow tank top, is really going hard and focusing on power-lifting, which encompasses his usual fitness regime. When he enters the gym floor, Alfredo is fully focused on perfecting his routine over the course of his on hour workout. He can’t stand distractions and therefore, his HONOR Magic Earbuds are an absolute essential for blocking out other noise and being totally zoned in on his reps!

Michelle, dressed in the white tank-top, has just reached 15K on the treadmill. As she prepares for an upcoming marathon, her gym time is fully centred around the treadmill where she can enhance her running skills and stamina. For Michelle, music a key element in helping to push herself while she is running. The HONOR Magic Earbuds being fully wireless, portable and stable when worn are a no-brainer for her every time she goes for a jog. They might even help her to achieve a better time during her next marathon!

Aaron, fitted in the white T, is just getting acquainted to the gym lifestyle. Although he is extremely busy, his New Years resolutions included developing his health and fitness and as a result, he has been focused on best preparing himself for gym related acvitivies. The HONOR Magic Earbuds became one of the first items that Aaron purchased in line with his fitness goal as they proved to be the perfect accessories to manage his music and calls while working out. The fact that Aaron can effortlessly switch between music and a call with just the tap of his fingers means he can stay on track with his workouts but still manage his frequent business calls. The HONOR Magic Earbuds have really taken the term “multi-tasking’ to a whole new level for Aaron!

Just as the HONOR Magic Earbuds can be very useful when working in a cafe or commuting on public transport, the gym is another scenario where they can truly make a difference. The most important element of a good fitness routine is managing to stay consistent and focused. Thanks to ANC technology and the wireless design of the HONOR Magic Earbuds, you can be sure to lift weights, run miles and skip ropes without being distracted, enabling you to become a king/queen of the gym!

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Is going to the gym a part of your lifestyle? Do you find that you can easily get distracted too? And, do you think that the HONOR Magic Earbuds would make a difference to your workout?

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