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October 29, 2018

HONOR Magic2: 40W Super Charge

As we know, smartphones use batteries to deliver power. Therefore, one of the most important features to look at when choosing a smartphone is its battery life and the charging speed. Indeed, HONOR has some phones which has the best battery life, and also supports charge battery fast. However, in terms of charging speed, we have to say, the latest smartphone from HONOR, HONOR Magic2 will be the fastest in battery charging.

honor Magic2 support 40W supercharge

Before we go deep on the SuperCharge technology of HONOR mobile phones, let’s first look at the most common quick charging technologies. There is an article (Source: Notebookcheck) compares different quick charging technologies as below, and rated Huawei HONOR SuperCharge as the fastest.

Among the eight most common technologies are three more open standards:

• MediaTek Pump Express (Helios SoC)
• Qualcomm Quick Charge (Snapdragon SoC)
• USB Power Delivery
And five OEM specific designs:
• Apple Fast Charge
• Huawei SuperCharge
• Motorola Turbo Charge
• OnePlus Dash Charge (Based on Oppo’s VOOC)
• Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge

Nowadays, most smartphone chargers have an output power of around 10W, even if the smartphone is equipped with SuperCharge technology, the output power only reaches 18W to 20W. HONOR mobile phones which are equipped with Kirin chip, support SuperCharge quick charge technology, with a maximum output of 22.5W, and using Huawei's own SCP quick charge protocol.

honor Magic2 support 40W supercharge

While on HONOR Magic2, with the most cutting-edge technology equipped, we can imagine anything would happen on this magic phone. Upon the release of the first generation of HONOR Magic in 2016, the 40W SuperCharge technology was already equipped. And in the coming HONOR Magic2, this SuperCharge feature will be improved with better and safer charging experience.

In HONOR Magic2, the input from the charger is standard - 100-240V~50/60Hz, the output can reach 10V at 4A, almost doubling the current 5V at 4.5A SuperCharge capabilities. Although it is already possible to make the device go up to 5A, but since this is the peak value, HONOR has decided to hold back for reliability terms. In this way, the battery will be protected from overheating and aging quicker than it needs to.

HONOR Magic2 is expected to launch in Oct 31st 2018 in China. Besides the 40W SuperCharge feature, we can also expect other outstanding features such as Magic slide, the latest chipset Kirin 980 which was announced months ago, and the advanced design. With a nearly 100% screen-to-body ratio, we can easily predict how fascinating this smartphone can be.