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February 18, 2019

Compare HONOR Mobile Phones: HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10

compare HONOR mobile phones - HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10

HONOR View20 is the latest flagship smartphone from HONOR which was released globally on Jan 22nd 2019. Which are the main differences between HONOR View20 and HONOR View10? Read on to find out what they are!

Specs Comparison between HONOR View20 and HONOR View10

Section HONOR View20 HONOR View10
Features Kirin 980 processor Kirin 970 processor
4000mAh (typical) battery 3650mAh(Minimum value)
3750mAh(Typical value)
Super Charge: 55% in 30 minutes Super Charge
Magic UI 2.0.1 based on Android 9.0 EMUI 8.0 based on Android 8.0
Display 6.4 inches HONOR FullView, 2310 x 1080 pixels 5.99 inches FHD, 1080 x 2160 pixels
Dimensions Height: 156.90 mm Height: 157.00 mm
Width: 75.40 mm Width: 74.98 mm
Depth: 8.10 mm Depth: 6.97 mm
Weight: 180g Weight: 172g
Rear Camera 48MP + 3D Camera 16MP + 20MP
Front Camera 25MP 13MP

Processor: HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10

The Kirin 980 processor is one of the most important upgrade in HONOR View20 over HONOR View10.

HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10 kirin chipset

Processors are all about speed, and speed is all about size. Each time that scale gets smaller, it represents a leap forward in terms of what is possible. The new Kirin 980 is manufactured on a 7-nanometre scale, as opposed to the Kirin 970's 10-nanometre basis, and Kirin 659’s 16nm process. Kirin 980, the world's first 7nm process mobile phone SoC chipset improves performance and power efficiency on smartphone dramatically. This is chipset is currently equipped on HONOR Magic2, and HONOR View20.

Battery: HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10

HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10 kirin battery

Nobody likes running out of battery. That feeling of dread as you watch the little battery life symbol creep ever lower. Will you make it through the day? What if you forgot to pack a charger? If you want to avoid the scary thought of having no battery left, then you should choose HONOR View series which has incredible battery life.

HONOR View10 has a battery capacity of 3750mAh, which is already among the best battery life HONOR phones, but HONOR View20 has even more – 4000 mAh - the highest among HONOR phones till now.

In addition, HONOR View20 supports SuperCharge – you can charge 55% in 30 minutes.

UI: HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10

HONOR View20 adopted Magic UI2.0.1 based on Android 9.0, while View10 is using EMUI 8 which is based on Android 8.0. Android 9.0 (Android Pie) has several advantages over the previous version, read more at Android 9 Pie Features To Make Phones Smarter & Simpler

Display: HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10

HONOR View20 display

HONOR View20 has adopted a design of full screen view, which is called “HONOR FullView Display”, with under-screen cameras. The under-screen cameras make the HONOR FullView Display possible, and the 48 MP Camera supports optical image stabilization function.

Compared with HONOR View10, the View20 is truly a full screen smartphone.

Camera: HONOR View20 vs HONOR View10

HONOR View20’s rear camera is the first ever on a smartphone to be powered by the SONY IMX586 stacked CMOS image sensor, which features 48 effective megapixels on a 1/2-inch sensor, delivering excellent image quality.

HONOR View20 photo

While on HONOR View10, the rear dual cameras offer 16MP+20MP resolution, which is far less than those on HONOR View20.

HONOR View20’s in-screen front camera is specially placed at the upper left-hand side, maximizing the viewing area of the full screen and leaving enough room for the front camera. The 25MP resolution on the front camera is also far better than the 13MP on HONOR View10.