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December 10, 2018

Compare HONOR 10 Lite vs 8X, Which to choose?

On November 21, HONOR officially announced the release of a new model in chilly winter: HONOR 10 Lite. This model loads the processor platform the same as that in HONOR 8X launched for go-to-market this September, i.e. Kirin 710. And these two models also share some similarities in their configuration and functions. Ultimately they are even sold at the identical price, which reduces some people to allodoxaphobia. So the question is, how to choose?

Purchase advice: define the pricing first, and then define the dimension you desire for.

Although HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X share the same price, they are different in the dimensions: HONOR 10 Lite’s body width is measured as 73.64mm, while that of HONOR 8X is 76.6mm. Additionally, HONOR 10 Lite features a 3D curve back shell with its body width much closer to 72mm, a dimension received as the best width for superior handhold feel. So, HONOR 10 Lite’s handhold feel seems better than that of HONOR 8X.

Purchase advice: define your most wanted mobile style

Front designs: HONOR 10 Lite adopts “pearl full screen”, while HONOR 8X adopts “narrow notch full screen”. For the screen tops, HONOR 10 Lite features a narrower black area, while for the screen bottoms, HONOR 8X features a narrower side frame layout.

HONOR 10 Lite front design

Back-facet design: HONOR 10 Lite’s four color scheme versions all adopt the dazzling light style similar to that in HONOR 10, and its newly-added gradient blue and gradient red effects appear somewhat preliminary; HONOR 8X adopts double texture collage designs with four color versions in first launch all in pure colors, among which the red version and the blue version seem quite sensational with a touch of turmoil, and recently HONOR 8X further launched a new color originated from the Magical blue gradient color in HONOR 10. You can see that, HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X are highly distinctive from each other in their design styles. Perhaps this is the very key to differentiate these two models.

HONOR 10 Lite back design

Take a look at other differences.

HONOR 8X’s big body is set with a bigger battery, 3750mAh, while HONOR 10 Lite has a battery capacity of 3400mAh.

HONOR 8X is equipped with a more advanced back cameras, namely 20-megapixel+2-megapixel dual cameras, while HONOR 10 Lite with 13-megapixel+2-megapixel back dual cameras.

HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with a more advanced front camera, namely, 24 megapixels, while HONOR 8X with 16-megapixel front camera.

In addition, HONOR 10 Lite’s factory default configuration is EMUI9.0 system crafted based on Android 9.0, while HONOR 8X needs to wait until the next new batch to be seen as upgraded to the same version of system.

Then let us see the similarities.

HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X are all equipped with Kirin 710 as the Soc, both supporting this processor’s “suite features”: AI communication (AI elevator mode, high-speed train mode, anti-fake base stations, WLAN+, dual SIM dual 4G VoLTE, etc.), handhold super night scenes and more; both models use the screens that pass through TUV Rheinland eye care certification, and both screen-to-body ratios reach beyond 90% and so on.

Generally speaking, HONOR 10 Lite and HONOR 8X are highly distinctive in their design styles. HONOR 8X seems more balanced in all aspects, but with a bigger body, while HONOR 10 Lite clearly highlights its front camera’s long protrude part with a better body handhold feel, and its small body comes with smaller battery capacity (but compared to other brands, HONOR 10 Lite still stands out to be the batch with the top battery capacity among the same dimension range). HONOR 10 Lite seems not that balanced that that in HONOR 8X, and it more fits for the users who are obsessed with selfies and prefer medium and smaller ones. Looking through all the reviews above, now have you the answers to your myths?