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October 24, 2018

Big Screen Phones: HONOR 10 vs HONOR Play

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Looking for a new smartphone? Wondering what the differences between HONOR's big screen offerings are? Then this is the perfect article for you! We will take you through the blow-by-blow of all the big features of HONOR's big-hitting big-screen smartphones to find out which one emerges victorious.

Big screen smartphones are, if you will excuse the pun, a big thing at the moment. For stunning photos or a great gaming experience, a larger screen will help you no end and make your smartphone usage more fulfilling.


big screen phones - honor 10

The HONOR 10 is the flagship of the HONOR stable, and with good reason. The screen, measuring in at just a touch under 6 inches, features an 18:9 aspect ratio and 432ppi density. It comes with a huge 128GB of memory.

It's the camera, though, where this model really shines. With its advanced AI, driven by its discrete Neural Processing Unit, it can take your photography experience to the next level. With a 24MP+16MP dual-lens camera, you will never be short on detail. Love that shot you took on holiday? Have it printed as a large piece of statement wall art. It's sure to look as good as the real thing.

The camera features automatic recognition of over 500 different scenes, which means the HONOR 10 can automagically adjust its settings to take the best photo possible, whatever you throw at it. What's more, using that clever built-in NPU chip, it can mix and match scene modes for different areas of the same photo, which is the coolest thing ever!

With our busy lives, smart-charging is a really hot topic right now. The HONOR 10 uses an advanced charging system that allows it to shoot up to 50% full in just 25 minutes, which means you can pop it on to charge while you have your lunch and be ready for whatever the rest of the day holds!


big screen phones - honor play

The HONOR Play, HONOR's offering to gaming fanatics, is a slightly different beast. The screen is boosted to a whopping 6.3 inches. It features the same resolution as the HONOR 10, but with the slightly larger screen size, this drops the density to 409ppi (although you would have to have the eye of the tiger to notice the difference!)

The HONOR Play has 64GB of memory, but this is expandable with MicroSD card support to add another 256GB, which is all you'll ever need.

The gaming experience is exquisite. The 4D feature allows games to take advantage of Smart Shock, which gives a really immersive feel to action games. If you are wearing a wired headset, you can also enjoy 3D surround sound so you can feel like you are literally part of the action.

The battery in the HONOR Play features Quick Charge, which isn't quite as fast as the HONOR 10, but the battery is capacious and allows for up to one and a half days of heavy usage, depending on the circumstances. And that's enough for anybody!

Final Word

The two HONOR big screen phones are heavyweights in the market and the choice is pretty simple. If you are a solid gamer, then you will love the Play. If, on the other hand, you love to be out and about, taking stunning photographs and creating amazing memories with your friends, you'll love the 10.