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Honor is releasing a monthly security maintenance update for its major flagship models.

This security update incorporates the CVEs from the February 2022 Android Security Bulletin:

Critical: None

High: CVE-2020-13112; CVE-2020-13113; CVE-2021-0706; CVE-2021-30319; CVE-2021-30353; CVE-2021-39619; CVE-2021-39633; CVE-2021-39634; CVE-2021-39662; CVE-2021-39666; CVE-2021-39668; CVE-2021-39669; CVE-2021-39674; CVE-2021-39676

Moderate: CVE-2021-0922; CVE-2021-30313

Low: None

* For more information about the patches, please refer to the Android Security Bulletin (