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February 18, 2019

HONOR View20 Embraces the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution – Share View from EIU Research on Manufacturing Innovation Enabled by AI

• New HONOR View20 offers latest in AI technology and product design at the forefront of the smartphone industry.
• In EIU report, tech industry executives expect AI to be the most important technology for supply chain innovation, and bring benefits to design, product quality, cyber security, and more.

[18 February 2019] – HONOR, a leading smartphone e-brand, is spearheading the use of AI with its latest flagship smartphone, HONOR View20. HONOR View20 showcases the benefits of leading AI features and state-of-the-art design for consumers. At the same time, enterprises expect AI to bring enormous opportunities for innovation for supply chains, according to a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), positively impacting supply chains from production to product design.

The EIU white paper Prioritisation and Precision: How artificial intelligence and design thinking will transform technology production, sponsored by HONOR, was based on the findings of a survey of 325 technology hardware industry executives based in major manufacturing countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and the US. In the report, these executives expressed high hopes in AI as an agent of change in their industry, allowing for leaps in product design enabled by clearer and more efficient prioritization of customer needs.

HONOR View20 is already offering countless groundbreaking AI innovations, showing the world the face of things to come. Key AI capabilities include:

• 48MP AI Ultra Clarity photos uses an advanced AI algorithm, delivering superb clarity unseen in smartphone photography.

• AI Photography can recognize over 1,500 scenarios in more than 60 categories, optimizing photos based on the people and objects being shot.

• AIS Super Night Shot with multi-frame stabilization based on machine learning creates high quality photos even with unsteady hands.

• AI video editor can identify faces and create highlights for each person.

• AI Objects Identify and 3D camera:
o Identifies over 100 kinds of food and provides calorie information.
o Scans and identifies real-world objects for online shopping.
o Identifies over 300 famous landmarks and 100,000 paintings from around the world.

• AI Dual-frequency GPS technology allows you to always find destinations with tremendous accuracy.

In addition, consumers desire stylish and trendy smartphone designs and their tastes are changing rapidly. To inspire and excite consumers, HONOR View20 is the first smartphone to use advanced nanolithography technology to create a nanotexture - a vivid and dynamic V-shape color gradient with gleaming effect on the body. The smartphone’s integrated 3D curved body with an elegant arc design is only 8.1mm thick and consists of a perfect blend of metal and glass texture. HONOR also collaborated with Italian fashion brand Moschino to create a co-designed Moschino HONOR View20. These efforts aim to satisfy consumers’ evolving demands, and in the future, it is expected that AI advancement will become even more necessary to meeting those demands.

HONOR continues to find new, visionary uses for AI, and the company shares the views of the leading executives from the EIU report that AI is having a beneficial impact on manufacturing innovation. The report’s key findings were that AI, over other trends like 3D printing and virtual reality, is expected to be the most important technology to supply-chain innovation over the next 5 years (58% of respondents), and that product design innovation will likely be the most impacted (28% of respondents).

AI may play a role in jumps in design innovation, such as by enabling a vast increase in power to analyze and optimize novel materials and compounds necessary for flexible gadgets. Through the wider adoption of AI, products in the future will be far more capable of meeting consumer demands and greatly enhance user experience.

Mr. George Zhao, president of HONOR, said: “When HONOR looks to the future, we see a world where AI holds a critical role in innovation for our industry, and from the EIU report, other leading voices clearly agree. With this vision, HONOR has long championed incorporating AI features into our devices to provide consumers with powerful and stylish smartphones. Our latest flagship smartphone, HONOR View20, is pioneering countless new and creative ways to leverage AI and create impressive designs. The result is better photos, better performance, better style and better user-experience. This phone is ahead of the curve and offers a glimpse what’s to come.”

Michael Gold, EIU editor of the research, said, “More than any other emergent trend, AI will be crucial to hardware manufacturing innovation. Product design innovation will be the chief beneficiary of AI’s spread. As hardware producers look to get ahead of the competition by integrating cutting-edge technologies into the manufacturing process, keeping up with the latest advances in AI and its impact on product design will be crucial going forward.”

HONOR View20 Embraces the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution – Share View from EIU Research on Manufacturing Innovation Enabled by AI
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