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October 23, 2018

George Zhao, President of Honor talks innovations at TEDx Caohejing Park Salon

[Shanghai, 23 October 2018] – George Zhao, President of Honor, delivered his first TEDx talk at Caohejing Park, Shanghai today where he shared his vision for perfection and technological innovation. Zhao also revealed how Honor received global success by becoming the top smartphone e-brand in China for four consecutive years.

George Zhao, President of Honor talks innovations at TEDx Caohejing Park Salon

Photo caption: George Zhao, President of Honor at TEDx CaohejingParkSalon

At TEDx CaohejingParkSalon Zhao explained to a young audience of budding entrepreneurs that “in 2015, I travelled back to my homeland to lead Honor. Although I only had B2B experience back then, I knew that I only had one option – to make Honor succeed. Over the past few years, in a ‘Fearless Technology, Infinite Innovations’ environment, Honor never ceases to enhance its technology or product quality and raise its core competitiveness. Innovation, quality and service have always been and always will be our top priorities. By continuously exploring these three areas, our upcoming ‘Honor Magic 2’, will be officially unveiled next week in Beijing and is bound to take smartphones to a whole new level. We believe that a company can only rise above the rest and stay relevant by delivering the best product with ultimate user experience.”

“As a fastest-growing mobile phone brand, Honor never adopts an opportunistic approach in devising strategies. In 2015, Honor insisted on pooling their resources to deliver the best product and service quality, instead of relying on the ‘spur-of-the-moment’. In 2016, when the global smartphone market suffered a steep decline, Honor persevered and was resolute in its vision. In 2017, when the industry was skeptical about their prospects, Honor insisted that its enterprises keep their vision focused on the future and boost momentum. In 2018, despite the smartphone market in China hitting a severe slump, Honor sailed through the storm. Not only did they record positive sales growth, they also remained China’s top smartphone e-brand for the year,” he added.

As a leading smartphone e-brand, Honor encourages young people to achieve their life dreams every day and always stay true to themselves, with a commitment to innovation that changes people’s lives. The aim of today’s TEDx talk was to share this passion and confidence with young people directly, helping them to fulfill their aspirations and change the world.

By empowering human beings to foresee the future, AI has always been a core strategic technology for Honor. Long before the industry came to realize the importance of AI, Honor had already invested heavily in AI R&D and built an AI ecosystem.

Zhao started his career with Huawei in 1998, working with them for 20 years in China and around the world. This experience gave him a great insight into how we use technology in our everyday lives and how it can change our lives for the better. As the President of Honor, he is responsible for the overall business management and growth of the Honor brand.

TEDx is a programme offering local and self-organized events that bring people together to share TED-like experiences in the spirit of spreading worthwhile ideas. Every year, TEDx CaohejingParkSalon in Shanghai invites diverse and experienced leaders to speak and exchange ideas with young entrepreneurs.

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