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September 26, 2018

Which HONOR Phone Has the best Gaming Experience

Playing games with smartphone has become popular among the young people. Nowadays, smartphone is not only a device for connecting with other people, but also an entertainment tool for fun. Are you looking for a phone for best gaming experience? If so, let’s see which HONOR phone suits you!

As a competitive brand, HONOR phones are widely used and loved by lots of consumers. If you have only heard about the brand, but never used HONOR phones, then you might some difficulties to choose. Actually, if you have read about HONOR’s latest GPU turbo technology, you will find it quite easy to decide. GPU Turbo offers gamers a smoother and faster gaming experience on your smartphone, and this features is available in most recent phone models of HONOR, such as HONOR Play, HONOR 10, HONOR 9, HONOR View10, HONOR 9 Lite (on HONOR 8 Pro and HONOR 7X, the update will be available in Nov and Dec 2018). It is always right to choose the latest phone – HONOR Play with GPU turbo feature!

HONOR play is a phone which is especially designed for gamers.

best gaming experience phone - honor play

Why HONOR play has the best gaming experience? It is because of its specific features listed as below:

1. GPU Turbo
What is GPU Turbo? It is a revolutionary graphics processing acceleration technology, which provide users an integrated software and hardware solution. With this solution, smartphone gaming experience can be optimized. This HONOR smartphone gaming player has achieved key technological breakthrough of improving graphics processing efficiency by 60% while reducing the SoC (System on Chip) energy consumption by 30%, exceeding the limits of the balance between smartphone performance and energy consumption. It brings a dramatically fast and smooth gaming phone experience, which accelerates every touch, every interaction, and even every game. And with the AI NPU (neuron process unit) of Kirin 970, the intelligent gaming and photography give you a professional experience.

best gaming experience phone -honor play’s performance

2. 4D Gaming Experience with Smart Shock
It recognizes the gaming scenario of team battles, the use of special skills, switching and shooting guns, etc. and intelligently match a vibration feedback like using a game console.

best gaming experience phone-honor play’s 4D experience

3. 3D Gaming Sound Effect
With HONOR sound technology, it brings an amazing 3D sound effect like you are in the game.

best gaming experience phone-honor play’s 3D sound effect

4. Design and Display
HONOR play has a 6.3-inch full view display, which fills the hand perfect and enhance the gaming experience. Isn’t it more enjoyable when playing games with a larger display? HONOR play has 89% screen-to-body ratio, really cool for gamers.

best gaming experience phone-honor play’s display

5. Player Edition looking
HONOR Play has a player edition designed for mobile gamers. It embodies science and technology with laser engraving to enhance your gaming experience. And colors are available in both black and red. Look at the pictures below, isn’t it look fantastic for playing games?

best gaming experience phone-honor play’s good looking

The above five points are the key features especially designed for gamers. With these magical features, you can image that an enjoyable scene: you held a cool phones with a large display, play the games and in the meanwhile enjoy the 4D smart shock and 3D sound effect, really fantastic, isn’t it? The last one worth mentioning is that its long battery life which can support you a 1.5-day heavy usage with a 3750mAh, longer than any other HONOR smartphones till now. Therefore, if you like to play games with smartphone in your spare time, HONOR play will be a great choice!