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September 11, 2018

Smartphone Buying Guide – Top 2 Key Points to Consider

What to consider before buying a smartphone? This is a problem that many people have to face, especially for those who do not understand the hardware parameters, sometimes choosing a phone is really a complicated matter. In this buying guide, we just want to make the solution simple, by dividing the key factors into two categories. Therefore, you only need to consider these two aspects, then making the decision will be quite easy. Let’s go!

smartphone buying guide

1. Understand Your Needs

When choosing a mobile phone, many people often care about the quality of the phone, but do not really know their needs.

For example, they may need more than just a large screen, which is easy to operate and the signal is good enough, because their main purpose is to watch TV shows, make phone calls, and occasionally use Facebook or Snapchat to chat with us. Therefore, their mobile phone only need to support few function and you can find them easily in the market with the budget around $100.

However, most of our female friends, mobile phones are mainly used to surf Facebook or Twitter, watch TV, take selfies, so they need a better camera with AI functions, because a good camera supports to produce more beautiful photos. See How to Take a Better Selfie.

For some business people, who demand a mobile phone with stable performance, OS is their key consideration. For people who love to play games with mobile phones, a game edition smartphone will be their lover. See Best HONOR Phone for Gamers in 2018.

Therefore, you need to understand your needs and choose the right phone for yourself.

For example, people who love playing games with mobile phones can choose HONOR Play, which is a gaming phone specially designed for mobile gamers, providing excellent gaming performance. Girls who love to take pictures and selfies can choose the latest HONOR 10, which has dual cameras and high resolution front camera to make sure perfect pictures can be produced.

2. Be Clear About the Budget

You should choose a mobile phone within your budget, instead of spending money blindly. Make sure how much money you’d like to pay, and choose the best options within your budget. As technology updates quite fast, unless you are willing to pay a high price for buy the latest high-end phones and change frequently to keep yourself closely with the new technology, it is also a smart option to buy the much lower cost phones, such as HONOR smartphones, to enjoy most of the new technology, good gaming experience and excellent cameras. You can read Best HONOR Android Phones under $300, and Best HONOR Android Phones under $200 to help you better understand which HONOR product line suits you.

Hope this simple smartphone buying guide will help you solve your problem!

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