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February 28, 2020

Should you monitor your SpO2 level?

Hi, HONOR Fans:

Two weeks ago, we upgraded the HONOR Band 5 with the advanced SpO2 function which helps monitor the oxygen saturation in our blood vessel. The blood oxygen is a measure of how much oxygen your red blood cell are carrying and maintaining a precise balance of oxygen-saturated blood is vital to your health.

Should you monitor your SpO2 level?

When the blood oxygen level is too low, we can easily get tired and dizzy. If we suffer insufficient blood oxygen for a long period of time, severe damages will do to our brain, heart and other physical organs. The HONOR Band 5 helps keep track of your SpO2 level whenever you want to.

Basically, we don’t need to monitor our blood oxygen level regularly. But if you work out on a regular basis or you are classified into one of the crowd below, it is time you should attach more importance to your SpO2 level.

Who need to monitor their SpO2 level?

Should you monitor your SpO2 level?

1. People who snores

Snoring can cause continuous or transitory disturbance in respiration and insufficient oxygen inhalation, which results in poor sleep quality and even organ damage.

2. White-collar workers

Excessive brain workers consume more oxygen than the normal. And if the brain lacks of oxygen regularly, it may cause memory loss, somnolence, lacking in strength, and drowsy.

3. High endurance athletes

Endurance, speed, and efficiency are all important goals to any athlete, and maintaining an effective oxygen range can drastically improve one’s overall performance and help develop these components.

4. Hiking on the plateau

As the oxygen level is relatively low on plateau, for those who like outdoor activities especially hiking and mountain climbing should always pay attention to their SpO2 level to avoid high attitude illness.

How to monitor your SpO2 level on the HONOR Band 5?

Should you monitor your SpO2 level?

Slide to the blood oxygen monitoring page on the main page of the bracelet, and click to start monitoring. Blood oxygen levels between 90% and 100% are normal. If you have a value below 89%, you need to reduce your exercise, pay attention to rest, or seek medical attention.

What do our fans say about the new SpO2 function?

With the new function just updated, lots of our users have tried it and find it useful. Let’s check it out.

Should you monitor your SpO2 level?

Have you tried the new SpO2 function on your HONOR Band 5 and what’s your value?